The Voice All-Stars 2021 Former Finalist Louis Delort reveals to see burnout

The Voice All-Stars 2021 Former Finalist Louis Delort reveals to see burnout
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The Voice All-Stars 2021 former finalist Louis Delort

The Voice All-Stars: former finalist Louis Delort reveals to see burnout

Louis Delort, season 1 finalist, is back on the screens in The Voice All-Stars on TF1. In an article published in Le Parisien newspaper this Saturday, 25 September, he returns to a difficult period in his life.

Since September 11, viewers have been delighted to discover The Voice All-Stars, the special anniversary edition to mark the tenth anniversary of the famous singing show. For the occasion, TF1 has imagined an unprecedented season bringing together former candidates who have marked the telecrochet. Among them ? Louis Delort. Finalist of the first season, he marked the history of the program.

If he did not win the show, the singer had seen doors open for him. He notably obtained the first role of the musical 1789: the Lovers of the Bastille, an NRJ Music Awards in 2013 and produced two albums. The 28-year-old singer is trying his luck again in this special edition. Saturday, September 18, he once again seduced the coaches who were touched by his emotion and his voice.

Louis Delort Finale The Voice All Stars France 2021

He talks about his burnout

Several years after his first participation, Louis Delort, who had already confided that he wanted to stop everything, seems more fulfilled than ever alongside his fiancée named Angèle. After the wedding and the house, the two would even consider having a child soon. “I have matured, I have built things, a family, things that I like and then we grow,” he told Mika after his performance.

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However, it was not always easy for him. In an article in Le Parisien published this Saturday, September 25, he spoke of a difficult period. Indeed, Louis Delort has revealed to be the victim of a real burnout following his first participation. “I had the chance to make an album at Universal and the musical Les Amants de la Bastille, I sang in 250 Zéniths. When I left The Voice, I was quite stubborn, I wanted to impose my rock group on my first album, I chose unqualified managers. In 2015, I had the repercussions of all that, I had a burn-out “, he confided.

Fortunately, he was able to count on the support of his darling with whom he shares new projects. “I found the envy again thanks to my darling, with whom I created a duet, Anima. We are preparing our album,” he added, overjoyed. “It’s more or less a new beginning. It’s nice to find The Voice and to receive lots of positive messages. I have a calm outlook on the job, on my bad choices,” he said to our colleagues. Little Louis has grown up.

The Voice All-Stars 2021 Former Finalist Louis Delort reveals to see burnout

The Voice All-Stars 2021 Former Finalist Louis Delort reveals to see burnout

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