The price of PUBG New State’s in-game currency has come to the fore, know how much will have to be spent

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The price of PUBG New State’s in-game currency has come to the fore, know how much will have to be spent

PUBG New State is one of the most hyped games. In the last few days, the game gets a lot of attention due to pre-registration. Recently, the pre-registration of this game has also started in India. Crafton announced this game in February. Recently the second alpha test of PUBG New State has started. Users can try many features, which the developers have added to it. Talking about the latest update, the price of in-game currency of PUBG New State has been exposed. These prices are for the Indian region. Also Read – PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update will be rolled out this week, many bugs of the previous patch will be fixed

PUBG New State (Mobile) in-game purchase price

Like other Crafton games, in PUBG New State, you will also get to see premium in-game currency, which players can use for various transactions. The price of the game’s in-game currency has been revealed on the Apple App Store, according to which 60NC will cost players Rs 89. At the same time, Rs 269 for 180NC, Rs 899 for 600NC, Rs 1799 for 1500NC, Rs 4499 for 2950NC and Rs 8900 for 5900NC. Also Read – BGMI Lite will not be launched at the moment, the upcoming release date is fake

Users can view this information on the Apple App Store. That is, the name of the in-game currency of PUBG New State will be NC, which is UC in PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Users will have to spend a certain amount of money to get NC. Also Read – BGMI is shutting down PUBG Mobile data transfer for Facebook users, know the last date

Pre-registration has started

The pre-registration of PUBG New State has started in India. Users who pre-register the game will get a limited vehicle screen. Let us know how you can pre-register this game for both iOS and Android platforms.

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Android users will first have to go to the Google Play Store and go to the page of PUBG New State.

On reaching here, they will get the button of Pre-register, which will have to be pressed. After this a dialog box will appear on the screen. On this you have to select the option of Got It and in this way your pre-registration process will be completed. At the same time, the player who chooses the Install when available option, the game will be downloaded automatically when the game is available in his phone.

iOS users will have to go to the page of PUBG New State by visiting the Apple App Store. Here players will get the game button, on clicking which the process of pre-registration will be completed. However, Apple users will see the option of pre-order.

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