The Holi festivities in the series on Star Stream

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The Holi festivities in the series on Star Stream

Mumbai : Holi and Dhulwadi festivals will be aired on Star Pravah channel, which cherishes the Marathi tradition Marathi Pravah. & lsquo; Family members & rsquo; The series will see the Holi festivities. In this Jallosha, Dhawale Mami is going to expose the conspiracy of Akka, who is intoxicated with cannabis. Therefore, Akka’s innings will be reversed in the series along with the Holi celebrations. It will be interesting to see how Pashya will protect the family from Akka’s intrigues.

& lsquo; Where does mom do what & rsquo; The Holi festival will be celebrated in the series this year as well. As this year’s festival is coronated, the ritual will be performed in the presence of the family. At present, due to the Aniruddha-Sanjana affair, there is an atmosphere of anxiety in the house, but everyone has decided to come together and celebrate Holi. Surprisingly, Sanjana did not enter the Deshmukh family when there was an atmosphere of happiness. Aniruddha wants Sanjana to participate in this traditional puja of Holi. Arundhati is hurt by Aniruddha’s behavior. It remains to be seen whether Sanjana will participate in the Deshmukh’s Holi puja in the March 28 episode of the series.

& lsquo; Color is different & rsquo; The series is full of misunderstandings between Deepa and Karthik. The distance between the two has widened while the misunderstandings between the two are expected to clear up on the occasion of Holi. The future of Deepa Karthik’s relationship will be revealed in the next parts of the series, but the entire team is celebrating Holi in Jallosha.

Shubham-Kirti has also come a long way in the series of Flower Fragrance Soil. Even on the day of Ain festival, Shubham does not take color from Kirti. Shubham’s behavior hurts Kirti. Will Kirti know the reason for Shubham’s behavior? How long this distance between the two will last will be seen in the following episodes of the series. A romantic song on Shubham-kirti has also been filmed on the occasion of Holi. All in all, Star Pravah is going to entertain the viewers who are annoyed by Corona this Holi festival.

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