The gun assigned to Alec Baldwin was not thoroughly investigated, affidavit says

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The gun assigned to Alec Baldwin was not thoroughly investigated, affidavit says

Sheriff Mendoza said about 500 rounds of ammunition were recovered from the set, which includes blanks, dummy rounds and a mix of ammunition, according to the sheriff’s department.

Mr Hall and Ms Gutierrez-Reid have been under increasing scrutiny in recent days as they handled the gun before it went off.

Mr. Halls, an industry veteran who has starred in films including “Fargo” and “The Matrix Reloaded”, has been the subject of various complaints about security over the years, and was fired from the film “Freedom’s Path” in 2019 Was. The gun unexpectedly discharged, causing minor injuries to the crew member. According to three former members of the film’s crew, there were at least two accidental gun discharges on the set of “Rust” prior to the fatal shooting. Mr Halls did not respond to multiple attempts to reach him.

Ms Gutierrez-Reid, who also goes by Hannah Reid and Hannah Gutierrez, said on a podcast posted last month that she made her debut as head armorer in another western called “The Old Way” starring Clint Howard and Nichols. The filming of the film has been completed. Cage, which is slated for release next year. “I was really nervous about it at first, and I almost didn’t take the job because I wasn’t sure I was ready, but while doing it, it went really smoothly,” Ms. Gutierrez-Reid said of that film. Said about the podcast, “Voice of the West.” She is the daughter of Thale Reid, a shooting expert and film industry consultant.

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Ms Gutierrez-Reid told detectives that early in the lunch break, the firearms were secured inside a safe on a “prop truck”. During that time, she said that some ammunition was left on a cart, where it was “not safe”, and that some was kept in the truck, according to the affidavit, which was filed in the Santa Fe County Magistrates Court. Ask for a search warrant for the “prop truck” that was being used.

After lunch, the film’s prop master, Sarah Zachary, took the firearms from the safe and handed them to Ms. Gutierrez-Reid, the armorer, as told to the detective by Ms. Gutierrez-Reid.

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