The cost of a matchbox will be two rupees more.

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The cost of a matchbox will be two rupees more.

Chennai, Oct 24 (PTI) A matchbox will now cost Rs 2 instead of Re 1 from December 1 due to increase in cost of production coupled with increase in raw material price. The concerned industry organization gave this information on Sunday.

However, consumers will now get more matchsticks in a box. Earlier there were 36 spokes in the box and now their number will be 50.

VS Sethuratinam, secretary, National Small Matchbox Manufacturers Association, said the proposed price hike is taking place after a gap of 14 years.

He said that there has been an increase in the price of raw materials which has led to a jump in the cost of production and because of this “we have no other option but to increase the selling (MRP or maximum retail price) price.”

“Rise in fuel prices is also a factor. This has increased the transportation cost,” the secretary said.

He said that from December 1, the price of matchboxes would be increased from the current Re 1 to Rs 2 (MRP).

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