The attacked base in western Ukraine has been a stronghold for foreign forces.

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The attacked base in western Ukraine has been a stronghold for foreign forces.

The base outside Lviv, which was attacked by Russian forces early on Sunday, was a key link between Ukraine’s armed forces and Western forces before the war – and has become an important logistics center and training center for foreign fighters since Russia’s offensive began. has gone.

A Ukrainian military official said 1,000 foreign fighters were training at the base – the International Peacekeeping and Security Center, also known as the Yvoryev Military Complex – the new international army created to help Ukraine fight Russia. as part of.

Before the war, troops from the United States, Britain, Canada, Poland, Latvia and other Western Allies trained the Ukrainian military there starting in the 1990s. According to a US Army broadcast journalist covering multinational training at the base, one of the buildings affected by the attack was in the area where American, Canadian and other foreign military instructors stayed before the invasion.

Dozens of soldiers from the Florida Army National Guard were training Ukrainian troops at the base as part of a NATO mission, until Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III ordered him not to leave the country last month, days before the Russian offensive.

The base also trains troops for peacekeeping missions in which Ukraine has participated, often as part of United Nations missions in Europe and Africa. Since the start of the war, Ukraine has withdrawn peacekeepers, including a helicopter unit that was stationed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mark Santora And Yusour Al-Hlau Contributed to reporting.

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