Tenant Keeps Urinating In Beer Cans After Toilet Broken In Britain

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Tenant Keeps Urinating In Beer Cans After Toilet Broken In Britain


  • Tenant spread terrible dirt and stench in the house
  • Toilet broken, urinating in a can of 5000 beers
  • The tenant had to be hired to do the cleaning.

A tenant created trouble for his landlord. There was a disaster in the house after the man ‘reusing’ thousands of empty cans of beer. After the toilet broke down, the tenant filled 5000 beer cans with urine and spread filth in the house. In the three bedrooms of the house, thousands of beer cans were placed one on top of the other, filled with urine to the top.

Terrible smell spread throughout the house
The whole matter is of Hebburn in South Tyneside, UK. The condition inside a house here was so bad that a team of professionals had to be called for cleaning. From the carpet on the ground to the shelves and behind the TV, the tenant’s urine was spread everywhere. According to the report of The Metro, the sanitation workers were stunned to see the condition of the house. There was a terrible smell coming from inside the house.

Apart from the beer can, the dirt spread
Even after removing the cans of beer filled with urine, the woes of the cleaners did not ease. They also had to remove the scattered cigarette packets and the scattered pizza boxes in the house. It is not yet known whether the tenant informed the landlord about the breakdown of the toilet and told him about his problems.

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Even professional cleaners stunned
Gold Stars Haulage Removals were appointed to clean the stink and mess. The sweepers admitted that it was their worst experience ever. Director Johnathon Caselli said that we had been informed of what was there but it was not what we expected. He said the tenant had filled all the cans with urine. God knows how long it must have taken him to fill them.

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