Tejashwi Yadav announced Bihar bandh on March 26, said – will raise this issue strongly

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Tejashwi Yadav announced Bihar bandh on March 26, said – will raise this issue strongly

Patna : Leader of Opposition in Bihar Tejaswi Yadav Has called for a Bihar bandh on March 26. Outraged by the incident in Bihar Assembly Tejaswi Yadav He announced Bihar Bandh along with all the opposition parties. “I will not forget the manner in which opposition MLAs have been beaten up in the Bihar Assembly,” he said. Therefore, on the 26th we will all present this issue together on the streets. In addition, unemployment, farmers and other issues will be raised.

Tejaswi’s question to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

At a press conference held at Rabdi’s residence, the Leader of the Opposition targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and said that there was no one more liar than Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. “The Chief Minister speaks on the limits. However, when his ministers were abusing the Speaker in the House, where were their limits?

He said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should know history. This is not the first time the Speaker’s office has been cordoned off. They should sharpen their memory. In the time of Lok Nayak Karpuri Thakur, this hall was run by sitting on the chair of the Speaker. No one called the police then. But, you called the police. JDU police beat up MLAs at the Temple of Democracy. The clothes of women MLAs were torn.

Bihar Police has now become JDU Police
Tejaswi Yadav said that the Chief Minister threatened me in the House. They get angry at every point. This time the ministers dropped the level of discussion. The bill was passed at gunpoint. Bihar Police has now become JDU Police. However, we are not the people of BJP, who will be afraid of the stick. In such a situation, it is a question of farmers on the 26th, along with we will close Bihar to protest against unemployment and the MLAs who were beaten.

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