tauktae cyclone live: Tauktae Navy Rescue Operation: 410 lives lost in sea amid storm

tauktae cyclone live: Tauktae Navy Rescue Operation: 410 lives lost in sea amid storm


  • Tauit cyclone caused havoc in Mumbai
  • More than 410 people from two barges drowned in the sea
  • Navy starts rescue operation, embarked on four warships

Hundreds of lives were trapped in the sea of ​​Mumbai due to cyclonic storm Taute. A little delay could be feasting on something untoward. In the midst of all this, the Indian Navy has set an example of passion and dedication. For more than 24 hours in the midst of the storm, the Navy team has been engaged in the rescue. During this time, 4 SOS calls were also received with the Navy and the naval personnel killed them quickly taking action on it.

On Monday, the Navy deployed three frontline warships after the construction company Afcons slipped off two barge anchors deployed for offshore excavation in the Bombay High Oil Field. There were 410 people on these two barges. INS Kolkata, INS Kochi and INS Talwar were deployed to help these two barges.

146 people rescued by morning
A Navy spokesman said a total of 146 people have been rescued from the barreled P305 in the sea in a very challenging situation. He said the search and rescue (SAR) operation to save others continued throughout the night.

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60 people saved by night
Navy PRO commander Mehul Karnik said about 60 personnel, all employed on oil rigs, had been rescued from a barge by 11 pm. He said the rescue operation continued throughout the night. Officials said the boats had gone off the Mumbai coast after the cyclone intensified.

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People stranded on barge P-305 in the middle of the Arabian Sea, Navy’s mega rescue operation, see

137 people left from here
A Navy source said that around 137 people from the Barge GAL constructor Mumbai had boarded the 8 nm board. On this information, INS Kolkata was sent for help. The spokesman said the rescued people were being transferred to Navy warships.

Warships sent like this
The spokesman said, “The ships have started rescue operations. The sea conditions are very poor, strong storms and winds causing difficulty in the rescue operation. He said, “INS Kolkata was diverted to support the P305 barge situation in support of INS Kochi.” Two Coast Guard ships have been diverted to the P305 while another vessel has been sent to Gall Constructor to take part in the rescue operation.

Rescue can work long
P305 rescue operations can take longer because it has more personnel. Officials said inclement weather could also prolong the campaign. The Gale constructor had an emergency towing vessel (ETV). It has been moved away from Colaba Point due to engine malfunction. The ship was approached by an emergency towing vessel ‘Water Lily’ to provide assistance.

Toute storm

Toute storm

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