Tata Steel sets up unit to prevent carbon from going into the atmosphere from jamshedpur factory

Tata Steel sets up unit to prevent carbon from going into the atmosphere from jamshedpur factory

New Delhi, Sep 14 (PTI) Tata group company Tata Steel on Tuesday said it has installed a carbon capture (carbon capture) unit at its Jamshedpur plant. This initiative of the company will help in reducing the problem of carbon emissions.

This unit is capable of absorbing five tonnes of carbon per day.

Tata Steel said in a statement, “The company commissioned a 5 ton per day (TPD) capacity carbon absorption unit at its Jamshedpur Works on Tuesday. The company has become the first steel company in the country to adopt carbon absorption technology. This unit removes carbon dioxide directly from the blast furnace gas.

Tata Steel will also re-use the extracted carbon dioxide to promote a ‘circular carbon economy’, a framework for managing and reducing carbon emissions.

According to the company, it uses amine-based technology to re-use the carbon that has been trapped in the atmosphere and makes it available at the plant itself.

Thus, the carbon dioxide gas with an increased calorific value is sent back into the gas network, according to the statement.

T V Narendran, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tata Steel, inaugurated the Carbon Reduction and Reuse Unit (CCU) in the atmosphere.

According to the statement, this project has been implemented with the technical support of an institute named ‘Carbon Clean’.

Speaking on the occasion, Narendran said, “For the sustainable development of steel industry globally and especially in a developing country like India, it is necessary that we find economical solutions to absorb carbon dioxide on a large scale and use it. …”

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“The experience gained from this five ton per day CO2 adsorption plant will help us to set up such large plants in future,” he said.

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