Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021 thulam saravanan promise Helicopters ₹ 1 Crore And A Trip To Moon

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Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021 thulam saravanan promise Helicopters ₹ 1 Crore And A Trip To Moon

Chennai: Assembly elections will be held in five states of the country in the near future. Just like that Tamil NaduIn the run-up to the Assembly elections, an independent candidate has assured voters of many things. The assurance given by the candidate to the voters is currently being discussed all over the country. The independent candidate from Tamil Nadu has promised to provide a mini-helicopter, a deposit of Rs 1 crore, gold ornaments and a three-storey house for each house in his constituency. Not only that, this candidate has also said in his election manifesto that he will send voters for the lunar month.

In addition, the candidate has promised to provide his constituency with a rocket launch pad, a 300-foot artificial iceberg to keep the atmosphere in the constituency cool, and robots to lighten the workload of housewives. But, it is part of that candidate’s campaign.

Filed candidature application on loan of Rs. 20,000

Tamil NaduThulam Sarvanan is an independent candidate. For the Assembly elections to be held on April 6 Tamil NaduHas filed his candidature from Madurai constituency in. Thulam Sarvanan has become a topic of discussion due to the promises made to voters during the election campaign. Speaking to NDTV, Thulam Sarvanan said, “My aim is to raise awareness about the candidates being fielded by political parties. I am saying that political parties should choose good candidates who are polite. Is. “

Meanwhile, Sarvanan lives with his poor elderly parents. He has borrowed Rs 20,000 to file his candidature. Thulam Sarvanan has put his election symbol in the trash. In one of his Facebook posts, he wrote, “Dear voters in Madurai South, vote for the garbage can to run honestly without corruption, without taking bribes.”

Sarvanan has in fact tried to bring out the true face of politicians through his campaign. Sarvanan says that during elections, the way some political parties and leaders bribe something or money. But no one promises clean air, pure water. Such leaders have polluted politics. During elections, leaders lure voters to seduce them, so that voters cannot choose the right leader.

Meanwhile, Tamil NaduElections will be held for 234 Assembly seats in the state. Tamil NaduAt present, the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) party is in power. So Palaniswami is the Chief Minister. In the last elections, AIADMK had won 136 seats and the main opposition DMK 89 seats. In Tamil Nadu, 118 seats are needed to reach a majority.

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