Taliban Viral Video: Taliban Punishment Viral Video in Afghanistan

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Taliban Viral Video: Taliban Punishment Viral Video in Afghanistan

There is hardly any doubt left in anyone’s mind about what the Taliban regime will be like in Afghanistan. This radical Islamic organization, which has given many examples of cruelty, is accused of targeting its opponents one by one. Now a video has surfaced in which it can be seen that a man is standing inside the water and another is beating him.

Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari has shared this video in which it can be seen that the hands of this man are tied. His feet have also been tied and made to stand in the water. According to Sarvari, there is a fear of retaliation by the Taliban in the villages and districts. Especially when the families of soldiers and government officials are left in Afghanistan. However, it is not clear what punishment has been given to the person seen in the video.

people trying to leave the country
The Taliban are accused of targeting officials working in previous governments and Afghan civilians who speak out against them. He who has opened his mouth against him has had to see a terrible result. That’s why people want to leave the country and run away, but due to the closure of Kabul airport, they have turned to the border crossings adjacent to Pakistan and Iran.

However, citizens of American and other Western countries have been allowed to go from Kabul Airport on Thursday. It was the first evacuation since the US military left the country.

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Taliban has not changed
The marks of the tyranny of the Taliban are beginning to be seen on the backs of the journalists. The shadow of their fear on the markets and women fully clad in hijab are testifying that the Taliban have not changed at all, they are only talking about changing things to trick the world.

Taliban fighters also beat up protesting women. What’s more, the Taliban has also announced its conditions for the protests, according to which information has to be given 24 hours before any protest. The motive and which slogans will be raised, it will have to be told.

Will it run Afghanistan? Taliban swinging on American plane

punishment standing in water

punishment standing in water

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