Taliban Attack on Kabul

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Taliban Attack on Kabul


  • Rebels attacked in Kabul
  • march against Taliban
  • Disabled person joined the march

Afghanistan has Taliban fighters on one side and government security forces on the other. Sometimes someone loses his life in this camp and sometimes someone loses his life on that side. There is only panic and despair left in the atmosphere. One by one the Taliban is capturing the districts. Along with the provincial capitals, the group has now also entered the country’s capital, Kabul. In order to encourage their army amidst bullets and bombs, the public is continuously encouraging the security forces by taking to the streets.

Slogans raised against Taliban
The rebels attacked the Green Zone, the safest area of ​​the country’s capital Kabul, on Tuesday night. During this, the houses of MPs including the Defense Minister were targeted. The streets remained silent even after the sound of bombs and gunshots shook the capital. On Tuesday night some people took to the streets and marched in support of Afghan security forces and raised slogans. People raised slogans against ‘Allah-u-Akbar’ and Taliban.

Lost legs but no courage
During this, a video of the march was posted on social media. In the video, a disabled person is also seen marching in support of the army and the government. Sharing the video on Twitter, it was written, ‘This young man with disabilities is raising the slogan #AllahUAkbar4ANDSF and supporting the Islamic Republic Government of Afghanistan.’ Afghanistan has been battling war for more than two decades. In such a situation, many people have lost their body parts in bomb blasts and attacks. Despite this, the spirits of the people are high and they are refusing to bow down to the rebels.

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Four killed, 20 injured in attack
Kabul residents who participated in the march said that we support the Afghan forces and all those who are against the Taliban and fighting on the frontline. Security officials told AFP that four people were killed and 20 injured in Tuesday’s attack. Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry said the attack was successfully thwarted and all the attackers were gunned down by security forces.

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