Supreme Court says try to avoid comment on women dress or how they should live

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Supreme Court says try to avoid comment on women dress or how they should live

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has advised all judges and lawyers in the country to be sensitive to the issue now that the Uttarakhand Chief Minister’s controversial statement on women’s clothing has provoked an angry reaction across the country. During a hearing, the Supreme Court said that a judge should not comment on any petition relating to women that would be biased.

During a hearing in a case, the Madhya Pradesh High Court had ordered an accused accused of sexual violence to tie rakhi from the complainant woman. The apex court ruled that the Madhya Pradesh High Court’s order was wrong and that such an order could aggravate the problems of the victim.

Hearing the case, the apex court said judges and lawyers should maintain gender equality and sensitivity towards women. Women should not comment on what they should wear and how they should behave in society. The apex court also said that training was needed to sensitize all judges and lawyers in the country on the issue. The Supreme Court has also directed that gender sensitization should be included in the training program for new judges.

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A bench of Justice AM Khanwilkar and Justice S Ravindra Bhat passed the order while hearing the case. While granting bail to a sex offender, the court should not ask him to visit the complainant or apologize. If the complainant woman is in any danger, she should be given proper protection. The court should not advise or instruct the complainant woman and the accused to get married. The Supreme Court has also advised not to comment on women’s clothing or behavior.

It is also advised not to make certain statements or opinions while hearing cases related to women. Women are physically weak, they need protection, they can’t make their own decisions, men are the head of the family, women should take care of their chastity, motherhood is a woman’s duty, walking alone at night is like inviting rape, women are drinking alcohol The Supreme Court has ruled that a judge should not make remarks or opinions that would make men smoke.

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