Sunat: Free Tax Report Can Help You Get Credit At Lower Rates | News

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Sunat: Free Tax Report Can Help You Get Credit At Lower Rates | News

People and companies that need to access cheaper credits or establish a business can prove that they are reliable economic agents through the Tax Report for Third Parties, which the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) provides to all taxpayers for free , online and in a few minutes.

It is an official document, with an electronic signature, which contains tax and economic information of the taxpayer, and that it can generate from the web portal or the People APP to send it to a third party via email.

“In this way, taxpayers who are up to date with their tax obligations can demonstrate their economic health, which will allow them, for example, to access credits at a lower interest rate, because that information backed by the Sunat is taken into account by the banks to make a better risk assessment ”, said the national superintendent, Luis Enrique Vera Castillo.

In evaluation processes

He indicated that said report has already been incorporated by some banking entities in their risk assessment processes regarding their clients’ credit applications.

Along these lines, Vera Castillo recalled that in 2020, in the midst of the quarantine arranged by the Executive Power to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, this document became a mechanism for accreditation of compliance with the requirements for the Reactiva Peru Program. .

To do business

The Tax Report for Third Parties can also be used to facilitate business, by allowing the taxpayer to prove to a possible partner or investor that it is a person or company that complies with its obligations and, therefore, that it can assume contractual obligations without greater risk. .

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“This report that Sunat makes available to all taxpayers is also used to demonstrate their correct tax record against clubs, colleges or private universities,” he noted.

He explained that between January 2018 and August of this year, more than 4.3 million Tax Reports have been generated for Third Parties.

How to get it?

Although this report can be obtained through the institutional portal (here), the easiest way is to do it through Sunat’s People APP or Emprender APP.

It is enough to enter any of these applications with the RUC or DNI and Sol Key, choose “Tax Report for Third Parties” and follow the instructions for generating the document.

Once generated, you can decide to send that information to a third party, from an email. The report will be sent to that email, in PDF and XML format (for banks).

The authenticity of the documents generated can be verified by means of the QR Code, the URL address it contains (which can be copied to a browser to download the report in PDF) and the confirmation of the digital signature on the Sunat website.

Business people

In the case of legal entities or individuals with a business, the report includes information on their income and financial statements, from the monthly and annual returns of the Income Tax and General Sales Tax, for the last three years.

For individuals, as long as they have RUC, the Report contains information on their income for the last three years for each income category.

It should be noted that Sunat also issues, free of charge and digitally, other types of documents, such as the Certified RUC File Report, the Electronic Income and Withholding Report; Report of Outstanding Values ​​and the Report of Declarations and Payments, which certify compliance with tax obligations by taxpayers

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Published: 9/27/2021

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