Sunafil implements a care center for workers in Lima Norte | News

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Sunafil implements a care center for workers in Lima Norte | News

The National Superintendency of Labor Inspection (Sunafil) indicated today that it implemented a service platform in the Plaza Norte shopping center that will serve some 348,170 workers from the districts of North Lima.

In an area that exceeds 1,800 square meters, about 100 people will work, where 80 will be inspectors.

Both workers and employers will be able to find the services of labor inspection, orientation, attention to inquiries and receipt of documents.

As of today, the Lima Norte Labor Inspection Platform (PIT), located in the Plaza Maestro of the Plaza Norte shopping center, in the district of Independencia, came into operation.

The PIT Lima Norte will have competition in the companies of the districts of Ancón, Carabayllo, Comas, Independencia, Los olivos, Magdalena del Mar, Pueblo Libre, Puente Piedra, Rímac, San Martín de Porres, San Miguel and Santa Rosa.

In this way, the workers who work in North Lima will no longer have to travel to the headquarters for their respective procedures.

It is estimated that in these 12 districts there are about 39,000 companies, which declared their workers in the electronic form, in the period of July of this year; The main activities being carried out are those of wholesale and retail trade, services, manufacturing industries and transportation.

The North Lima PIT is the eighth platform to be implemented at the national level, since since 2020 the Huaraz (Ancash), Virú (La Libertad), Cañete (Lima region), South Lima (Metropolitan Lima), Olmos PITs were inaugurated (Lambayeque), Sullana (Piura) and Salas (Ica).

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This Labor Inspection Platform was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Employment Promotion, Camilo León, together with the superintendent of Sunafil, Juan Carlos Requejo Alemán.

Representatives of the trade union centrals, business associations and the mayors of the North Lima Commonwealth also participated.

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Posted on: 11/3/2021

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