sukhoi su-75 checkmate: New pictures of Russia’s checkmate fighter plane surfaced, know how much bigger than sukhoi su-57?

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sukhoi su-75 checkmate: New pictures of Russia’s checkmate fighter plane surfaced, know how much bigger than sukhoi su-57?

Russia is busy increasing its strategic strength amid rising tensions with the US and NATO countries. Russia’s government and private defense industries are constantly making new weapons. A few days ago, Russia has approved the production of Remote Controlled Terminator and T-14 Armata tank for induction into the army. Apart from this, Russia has also made a new fighter aircraft named Checkmate. For the second time, nearly four months after it was officially unveiled, some new pictures of the Checkmate fighter jet are doing the rounds on social media. A replica of this fighter aircraft has been kept for promotion in the Russian Pavilion at the Dubai Air Show. This fighter aircraft is compared to the Sukhoi Su-57 Phelan from the very beginning. The two aircraft are more or less similar in appearance, although there are many things that make the two different. With the unveiling of this aircraft, Russia has also offered to sell it to India and China.

What is the difference between Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate and Su-57


The biggest difference between the Checkmate and the Su-57 is in their engine and size. The Checkmate is a single engine lightweight fighter aircraft, while the Su-57 is a double engine heavyweight fighter aircraft. The Su-57 is seen as the heavyweight successor to the Sukhoi Flanker family. Russia has developed the Checkmate fighter jet as a light tactical aircraft. Published data from Russia shows the Checkmate fighter plane is 57 feet long and 39 feet wide. The width of an aircraft is the distance from the end of one wing to the end of the other wing. At the same time, the Su-57 fighter plane is 66 feet long and 46 feet wide. This shows that the Su-57 is bigger, heavier and capable of lifting more weight than the Checkmate fighter in every sense. Despite this, the exterior design of both the aircraft is almost the same.

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Checkmate can fly at a speed of 2200 kmph


In a report published in Russia’s state news agency TASS, some data related to the Checkmate fighter aircraft has been released. It states that the maximum speed of the Checkmate is 2,200 km/h. The report also states that the range of Checkmate is about 2800 km. These figures are slightly less than the figures released earlier. We know that the maximum range of an aircraft depends on the flight distance of the aircraft with the external fuel tanks in it. Therefore, if the Lightweight Checkmate had to fly with an additional tank of fuel, he would have to carry a smaller amount of weapons. Not only this, if these tanks are removed, then more weapons will be fitted in the aircraft than before, but its range will be reduced.

Russia is telling checkmate the best with light fighters

The Checkmate fighter is claimed to be the best in its class. The Checkmate fighter jet can carry weapons up to 7,400 kg. There are also five hardpoints to keep weapons in this aircraft. Three of these are located in the inside weapon bay of the aircraft. There are also six other pilots on the wings of this aircraft, where other weapons can be fitted. In such a situation, the Checkmate looks like a medium weight fighter jet slightly above the category of a lightweight fighter jet. Most important in this is the internal fuel capacity of the aircraft. Russia has not given any information about this yet. Actually, it depends on the internal fuel, how far that plane can fly comfortably.

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Checkmate fighter aircraft can fire these weapons

The single engined Sukhoi Checkmate aircraft keeps weapons concealed inside, making it unlikely to be caught on radar. For this reason it is being called the fifth generation fighter aircraft. The display near this aircraft said that the R-73 anti-air missile, R-77 anti-air missile and KH-59MK anti-ship cruise missile will be installed in the Checkmate fighter jet. This means that this aircraft can be used to gain air control and target enemy ground targets. Not only this, Checkmate will be able to carry missile-sized drones in its arsenal. This aircraft will be able to fly at an altitude of 54 thousand feet with a speed of 2.2 Mach.

Russia also offered Sukhoi Checkmate aircraft to India

On this occasion, Russia has also offered its state-of-the-art aircraft Checkmate to India. The official video of the event shows Checkmate being built for export. This aircraft can be sold to UAE, India, Vietnam and Argentina. Russia’s Deputy PM Yuri Borisov said that it has definitely been made for African countries, India and Vietnam. The demand for such aircraft is very high. We estimate that more than 300 fighter jets will be sold in the coming future. Let us tell you that India is a huge buyer of Russian weapons. India has so far purchased several classes of fighter jets from Sukhoi and MiG companies of Russia. India is currently using MiG-21, Sukhoi-30 MKI, MiG-29 fighter aircraft.

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