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Suez Canal | Suez Canal

Suez Canal: A huge cargo ship that has been stranded in Egypt’s Suez Canal for the past six days is moving today. This huge ship called ‘EVERGREEN’ was re-launched today. Inch Cape Shipping Services has informed about this. The Suez Canal Authority had earlier said the giant container ship had been partially evacuated. The departure of this ship has brought relief to the entire world.

Egypt’s Suez Canal, which connects Asia and Europe and is geo-politically important, has been blocked for the past few days. A gust of wind changed the direction of a giant cargo ship, and it got stuck in the Chinchola canal. As a result, the sea traffic was stopped and the world was losing Rs 2,800 crore every hour. Importantly, all 25 crew on this evergreen ship are Indian.

Egypt’s Suez Canal is a 193.3 km stretch of sea. There have been many battles for power over this canal. The Suez Canal is currently under Egyptian control. The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, connecting Asia with Europe.

Suez Canal | Cargo ship blocks Suez Canal, world loses Rs 2,800 crore per hour

At around 7.40am on Tuesday, a cargo ship carrying cargo from China crashed into the canal while en route to the Netherlands. The 400-meter-long and 59-meter-wide vessel sank in the canal after a strong gust of wind blew the ship in the opposite direction. As a result, this sea route was blocked and the traffic of ships at sea was jammed. An attempt was made by the Egyptian administration on Wednesday to set aside the wrecked ship in the canal. Eight tugboats were used for this but to no avail.

About 90 large ships and many other small ships ply the same sea route daily. The shipwreck in the Suez Canal has cost the world about Rs 2,800 crore an hour. The ship is owned by a Japanese man. As a result, about 400 ships have been shut down in four days. The canal blocked an average of about 7 9.7 billion a day. Of that, 5. 5.1 billion comes from the West, while 6 4.6 billion comes from the East.

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