Suez Canal: Canal service provider says container ship evergreen in Suez set free

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Suez Canal: Canal service provider says container ship evergreen in Suez set free

New Delhi: Egypt, considered the backbone of the world’s business Suez CanalMany countries in Asia and Europe, including India, breathed a sigh of relief today after a cargo ship stranded in. The shipwreck was also affecting Indian trade. The government had also prepared an action plan to address the crisis. Indian cargo ships engaged in import-export from other countries were advised to use the Cape of Good Hope, a very long sea route, to avoid the Suez Canal.

If the ship had been stranded for a few more days, the economies of many countries would have been in jeopardy, experts say. India also feared huge economic losses. The huge ship ‘Evergreen’ between Asia and Europe will be stranded at sea for six days in a row. This is because the goods of many countries have not reached the ports for the last several weeks. It will take more time. Which is likely to increase inflation.

The shipwreck was a scene of traffic congestion over a large area of ​​the ocean, usually on metropolitan roads. About 150 ships were stranded in the jam, including about ten crude tankers filled with 13 million barrels of crude oil. This has delayed the distribution of petroleum products in many countries. Crude oil prices have skyrocketed since the cargo ship capsized, causing a loss of about 400 400 million an hour.

In particular, the Suez Canal, known as the backbone of world trade, is one of the world’s major sea lanes. It accounts for 12% of the world’s total trade. In such a situation, a cargo ship from China to the Netherlands got stuck in the canal on Tuesday morning due to a dust storm and caused a traffic jam at sea.

The Suez Canal is an important link between East and West. The Suez Canal is 193 km long, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. It is the shortest maritime link between Asia and Europe. The canal consists of three natural lakes. The canal, which has been in operation since 1869, is important because ships plying east and west had to use the Cape of Good Hope route to the southern tip of Africa. After the construction of this waterway, ships from Europe and Asia began to sail to this part of West Asia. It is noteworthy that after the construction of this canal, the ships connecting Asia and Europe have to cover a distance of 9,000 km, which is 43% of the total distance.

According to one estimate, the Suez Canal carries 120 million tons of cargo each year through 19,000 vessels. The canal carries 9.5 billion worth of goods daily. Of that, about अ 5 billion goes west and 5 4.5 billion goes east. Experts say that this channel is very important for the supply of goods in the world. Therefore, stopping this route can have serious consequences.

This is not the first time the Suez Canal has been closed for business. When the wars between Egypt, Syria and Jordan began with Israel in June 1967, 15 merchant ships were stranded in the Suez Canal in a shootout between the two groups. The history books refer to this battle as the ‘Six Day War’. History testifies that this war lasted only six days. The road to the Suez Canal was then closed. One of the 15 ships that sank in the canal sank, and the remaining 14 ships remained stranded for the next eight years.

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