study on social behavior: beyond the realm of loved ones – nbt editorial new study on social behavior beyond the realm of loved ones

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study on social behavior: beyond the realm of loved ones – nbt editorial new study on social behavior beyond the realm of loved ones

A study report published last week in the international research journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences caught the attention of many. For the first time in this study, in the context of different countries, it was tried to see where the people of which country stand in terms of socially conscious behavior? Socially conscious behavior means taking care of the interests and feelings of those who are not directly related to us, whom we do not know.

The special thing is that it included only those behaviors, which do not cost us anything or which do not require time. According to this study done on people from 31 countries, India is at number three from the bottom in this matter. Only Turkey and Indonesia are below that. In this case, Japan is at the top, where the percentage of good behavior of the people is 72. Australians are second and third with 69 per cent and Mexicans at 68 per cent, respectively. India is at 50 per cent. It is worth mentioning that taking care of the feelings of others does not mean just saying sorry-thank you. Otherwise, Canada, the country with the most humble people in the world, would not be included in this study with a low score of 57 percentage points.

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However, this numbering does not matter much. Important is the fact that our behavior in general depends on our wider social consciousness, which is largely determined by our cultural environment. Why different countries, societies are in different positions in this matter is a complex question. This study report also says that more study is needed to explain the different situation of different countries, but two things are clear. One is that in countries and societies where people are equipped with advanced social consciousness, that is, where they are conscious of the interests of unknown people, their feelings, there is more mutual trust which has a positive impact on political, economic policies and development. Is. For example, there is no need for strict laws and there is openness in the atmosphere.

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Secondly, these social norms do not remain the same. With time they change. This means that no matter how complex the process may be, by carefully analyzing it, this process of change can be given a positive turn. If examined in the social and cultural milieu of our country, the contrast of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam i.e. the ideal of treating the whole earth as a family with the reality of treating certain parts of our own society as separate from ourselves can be a good case study.

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