Spider Dies With Teeny Spider Lings In Amber 99 Million Years Ago

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Spider Dies With Teeny Spider Lings In Amber 99 Million Years Ago

Nothing can come between a mother and her children. The same thing happened about 99 million years ago when a spider was taking care of its babies. According to a new research, about 99 million years ago, an adult female spider and her eggs were frozen in resin dripping from the tree. The Lagonomegopidae family of spiders is now extinct but has a long and long history.

Still holding the bag of eggs
They were first observed during the Carboniferous period, about 359 to 299 million years ago. Pieces of resin found in Myanmar tell many stories. A study about the discovery was published Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. The study’s author, Paul Seldon, said it showed a female lygonomegopid spider grasping the egg sac that contained the eggs. This is exactly what a living female does.
Spider in amber

Photo Credit : Painted by Xiaoran Zuo; Xiangbo Guo, Paul Selden and Dong Ren; Proceedings of the Royal Society B (2021)

spider baby fossils
Small spiders can be seen in other pieces of resin that had just come out of the egg a short time ago. This suggests that a female lagonomegopid spider can go to any lengths to avoid damage to her egg sac. After coming out of the eggs, they lived with their mother and the female spider protected them. There is evidence of this from pieces of resin. This suggests that the babies stuck to their mother after coming out of the eggs.

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Easy to identify due to big eyes
Seldon said it all fit into one space so beautifully. He said that we had many samples, everyone’s stories were related to each other. The researchers used CT-scanning to detect small eyes and other features. This led to success in identifying the spider and its young. These spiders are easy to identify due to their large eyes.

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