space x flight cost: Toilet in SpaceX civilian flight

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space x flight cost: Toilet in SpaceX civilian flight

The spaceship in which Tesla owner Elon Musk’s company Space X will take citizens is going to have many features. The discussion of one of these has already started. It is being told in the reports that this spaceship bathroom will be on the roof and there will also be a great view from here. According to Business Insider, the design of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spaceship has not been revealed yet, but there is talk of its special washroom.

What’s special?

Where this bathroom will be, there will also be a glass dome above it, which is named Cupola. It will be attached to one end of the capsule. According to businessman and jet pilot Jared Ickman, while using it, the passenger will look in space. Jared has bought four seats on the mission. This will be the first time that there will be no professional astronaut in a spaceflight.

What will be the mission?

This group will go to a higher altitude than the International Space Station and will take a view of the view for three days. Some science experiments will also be done during this time. Apart from Iceman, Physician-Assistant Haley Arsenow, Air Force Engineer Chris Sambrowski and Scientist Dr. Sion Proctor will also visit. SpaceX or Iceman has not given the seat price, but according to NASA’s estimate, the cost of each seat will be $ 55 million, or about Rs 410 crore.

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apart from the ISS


Prior to this, SpaceX has taken NASA astronauts to the ISS three times, but none of its spaceships had Cupola. This is because docking on the ISS is needed so that astronauts can enter the station. Therefore, instead of docking, a place has been made for the passengers. At the same time, on July 20, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos will also go on a space trip. He will accompany his brother and 82-year-old volley funk in Blue Origin’s New Shepherd.

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