South Korea Dog Meat Ban: South Korea will ban dog meat consumption, President says, ‘Stop tradition’

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South Korea Dog Meat Ban: South Korea will ban dog meat consumption, President says, ‘Stop tradition’

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is planning to ban dog meat in the country. Moon Jae-in himself loves dogs and has decided to stop this long-standing tradition. Dog meat has been an important part of the country’s diet and it is believed that one million dogs are eaten here annually, but its consumption has come down in the last few years. Now people see dogs as their companions, not as animals.

pet dog trend
Now not only the social workers, the youth population is also going against this tradition. At the same time, Moon asked the Prime Minister, ‘Isn’t it time to stop eating dog meat?’ The trend of pet dogs is increasing in the country. Moon himself has brought home several dogs. Adopting dogs was also part of his campaign pledge and he has saved many dogs. After discussing abandoned pet dogs and their registration, Moon decided it was time to stop eating meat.

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Available in specific markets
South Korea has many rules on killing them to prevent cruelty against animals, but until now there was no ban on eating them. Dog meat is less than before but elderly people eat it. It is found in some restaurants and specialty markets. However, political opponents have raised objections to this. He says that this is a matter related to the personal likes and dislikes of the people.

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In this country, a holiday has been declared in the name of a local dog, the President has made a 50 feet gold statue
What do people say?
The Animal Welfare Group released a poll this month, reports DailyMail, which said 78% of people believed that the production and sale of meat from dogs and cats should be banned. At the same time, 49% people have justified the ban on eating it. On the other hand, in another survey, people were divided on whether the government should take a decision on this or not. However, 59% of the people have agreed that there should be a rule regarding this legally.

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