six rides on bike: six rides on bike including husband, wife and four children, three policemen fold hands on the road in guna madhya pradesh

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six rides on bike: six rides on bike including husband, wife and four children, three policemen fold hands on the road in guna madhya pradesh


  • Six rides on a bike, a young man was driving without a helmet
  • Seeing this negligence in the Corona era, the police joined hands
  • Police leaves the accused and leaves the accused
  • Photo of Hanuman crossroads located in MP Guna city

Pictures of people sitting on bikes on capacity are coming out from all over the country. A photo from MP’s Guna district in a havoc of Corona is viral on social media. Many police officers of the country have also shared this picture. Guna was riding six people on a bike to go to the wedding. Seeing these, three policemen joined hands.

Everyone is surprised to see the amount of car rides on the bike. This picture is from Guna district of MP, 4 children and two grown people are sitting on the bike. Seeing this view, the policemen joined hands on the road. The policemen are folding their hands and saying to them that you are God! This picture has come to light when people are being asked to follow social distancing.

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The curfew is in force in the city of Guna because of Corona. Police have been guarded at various places to prevent those needlessly coming out of the houses. The team of policemen posted at the Hanuman crossroads of the city sees a bike. When the police stopped the bike, six people were sitting on it. When we started the police inquiry, it was found that the name of the bike rider is Ratan Jatav, he is a resident of Shivpuri district.

First oath administered … Today we are husband and wife, then after reading the mantra, the constable got married in front of Hanuman
Ratan was going to the wedding
Ratan told the police that he was going to the brother-in-law’s wedding. His mother-in-law is in Banskhedi of Guna. Wife and children were insisting to go to marriage, so I have brought it. After that the police team bowed down and folded their hands.

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Police cut challan
At the same time, the police team has also taken action on him. The police has cut his challan. After that let go from there. At the same time, in the Corona period, they have been advised not to do this because it threatens the family. He said that the buses are not moving, so the family members had to be brought in this situation.

Burglary in home security
At the same time, IPS Dipanshu Kabra, who is always active on social media, also shared this picture that he had to go to the wedding, put on a mask and defuse road safety … the head of the house is making such a dent in the safety of his own people. . The police may explain the challan, but your negligence will cut the lifeline of your loved ones.

At the same time, IPS RK Vij wrote that a motorcycle, six rides without a helmet. Follow the rules, explaining three police officers.

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