Shraddha Arya Vidai Video: Shraddha Arya Wedding to Vidai Videos Actress Laughs during Vidai tells friends to be jealous.

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Shraddha Arya Vidai Video: Shraddha Arya Wedding to Vidai Videos Actress Laughs during Vidai tells friends to be jealous.

‘Kundli Bhagnya’ fame TV actress Shraddha Arya has taken seven rounds with Navy officer Rahul Sharma on Tuesday. Shraddha’s wedding photos and videos have surfaced and are making a splash on social media. The marriage has taken place according to Hindu customs. In the videos that have come out (Shraddha Arya Wedding Videos) where the entry of Shraddha, who has become a bridesmaid, is tremendous, Rahul is seen carrying her on his lap and going on stage. Looking at the bride and groom in the video of seven rounds, while the heart of the fans is fluttering, the video of farewell is the funniest. Usually there are tears in the eyes of the bride at the time of farewell, but faith is different. She is sitting in the car and screaming (Shraddha Arya Laughs During Vidai). Not only this, the actresses are also teasing their friends.

At the time of farewell, Shraddha is sitting in the car and talking to her friends. “Remember me,” she teases her friends. Too much burning my friends. ‘ Saying this, Shraddha sits in the car and says goodbye to him.

Shraddha Arya’s wedding was also attended by her co-stars Anjum Fakih and Supriya Shukla from ‘Kundli Bhagnya’. While ‘Balika Vadhu’ star Shashank Vyas was also present at the function.

Even during Varmala on the stage, the team of friends made the wedding celebration memorable. Shraddha and Rahul are being teased by their friends. When Shraddha takes entry, she asks Rahul to pick her up. She says, ‘Rahul, pick me up.’ Interestingly, Rahul also descends from the stage and lifts Shraddha in his arms and climbs back on the stage.

Discussions of Shraddha’s marriage have been making headlines on social media for many days. Pictures from Hald Ceremony to Mehndi and Music Festival have already won the hearts of fans. Shraddha had kept Rahul out of the sight of the world till marriage. In this case, everyone was eager to see the bridegroom king.

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