shivpuri news : Shivpuri News : eow caught rojgar sahayak taking 30 thousand bribe in shipuri for fill mnrega muster

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shivpuri news : Shivpuri News : eow caught rojgar sahayak taking 30 thousand bribe in shipuri for fill mnrega muster


  • EOW team took big action in Shivpuri district
  • Employment assistant arrested taking bribe of EOW 30 thousand
  • The deal was done in a bribe of three lakh rupees to fill the muster
  • The victim had complained about it in EOW

On Monday, the EOW team has taken major action in the village panchayat Muhari Kalan under Khaniyadhana tehsil in the district. Employment assistant Raghavendra Lodhi has been arrested red-handed taking a bribe of 30 thousand rupees from Brijpal Lodhi, brother-in-law of women sarpanch, in lieu of filling the muster for MNREGA works.

In lieu of filling the muster for the ongoing development works from the employment assistant MNREGA, a demand of Rs 4 lakh 30 thousand was being made as a commission of 5 percent. Later the transaction was settled between them for 3,00,000. The victim had complained to the EOW. Regarding the action, EOW Inspector Yashwant Goyal and Bhishma Tiwari said that this action has been taken on the complaint and the direction of the SP.

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Brijpal Lodhi, brother-in-law of the female sarpanch, gave the first installment of Rs 10,000 to the employment assistant of the Gram Panchayat on Sunday. The second installment was to be given in the afternoon on Monday at the Gram Panchayat Bhawan which was under the notice of the EOW. As soon as the second installment of Rs 30,000 was placed in the hands of employment assistant Raghavendra Lodhi by the brother-in-law of the woman sarpanch Abhilasha, Brajpal, the EOW team caught it red-handed.

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This action of EOW has stirred the corrupt servants. The employment assistant was demanding bribe for work in MNREGA. The EOW official said that this bribe was being sought from the amount for the construction of the cowshed and the road.

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