shahabuddin wife explosive interview: mohammad shahabuddin wife explosive interview, she revealed many thing about shahabuddin life

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shahabuddin wife explosive interview: mohammad shahabuddin wife explosive interview, she revealed many thing about shahabuddin life


  • Former Siwan MP Mohammad Shahabuddin dies from Corona
  • Mohammad Shahabuddin was lodged in Tihar jail, wave of mourning in Bihar
  • During the Bihar elections, Shahabuddin’s wife made several disclosures in a conversation with NBT Online
  • Hina Shahab said that Shahabuddin can get parole after Bihar election

Former RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin has passed away. Shahabuddin was serving sentence in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. Shahabuddin’s mother died during the Bihar assembly elections. After that there were speculations that he would come out on parole. During the Bihar assembly elections, Shahabuddin’s wife Hina Shahab spoke openly to Navbharat She also discussed about many political speculations.

Listen, the entire interview of Hina Sahab, in which she has openly spoken about Shahabuddin. After the Bihar Assembly elections, the biggest Bahubali leader of his era and former RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin Siwan was to come for a few days. Shahabuddin could return to his home in Pratappur village in Siwan district directly from the jail. This disclosure was made by none other than his wife Hina Shahab. During a special conversation with Navbharat, Hina Shahab said that Mohammad Shahabuddin can come out of jail on parole. He had told that he expected the court to come out of jail. November 3 is the date of a hearing on parole. However Shahabuddin did not get parole later due to security reasons. His family members were allowed to meet him in Delhi itself.

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He had said that according to the jail manual Shahabuddin completes the parole process. Parole is available on eight things, in which death of parents or parents is serious, or wife, brother and children also have death or serious illness, then parole is the right of every prisoner. Parole is also found in Khushi. This right is given to both the convict and the non-convicted prisoner. Please tell here that Mohammad Shahabuddin’s father has died at the time of election.

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Shahabuddin’s Begum had told that in 2016, Shahabuddin returned home after 14 years after getting bail from the High Court. There was joy in this, due to which the atmosphere of celebration was shown. He said that since Shahabuddin College, he was engaged in politics and people’s help, so it was a moment of happiness for the people. Therefore, on his release at that time, everyone had joined him, which led to a long convoy. But this time is different. This time the family is going through troubles. There were 3-3 accidents in the same year. Even after this, parole was not granted. But this time it is expected to get parole in the name of the father’s 40th fatia. The fatia was to be held on 27th of October, but due to no guardian in the house, it has been pushed forward. Now only those who are home grown are left. Fatia cannot be without the Guardian of the Home. So it is expected that he will get parole.

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Hina Shahab said that there will be no celebration this time, because there is a feeling of sorrow in the family at this time. There was no celebration even last time, it was the gathering of those who met him. This time too, at least the people of the district would like to have a look at them. Ask about their well being, tell them yours too. Hina Shahab said that there is a constant conversation with Tejashwi Yadav. Whenever they visit Siwan, they definitely come home.

Hina Shahab said that her children are not interested in politics at the moment. He is just going to come between friends and loved ones in his constituency. He is currently trying to get Harishankar Dada to victory. His education is still going on. Whether to enter politics or not will be their own decision.

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It is known that in the year 2016, Shahabuddin’s case was transferred from Bihar to Delhi on the orders of the Supreme Court. In February 2017, Shahabuddin was shifted from Bihar to Tihar Jail in Delhi. Since then, former MPs have been imprisoned here. Shahabuddin is accused in a total of 37 cases, including the acid attack of 2004, and is lodged in Tihar Jail under the same. In September 2016, he was granted bail by the Patna High Court. After this, he started making statements against Nitish Sarkar as soon as he came out of Beur Jail. After this, the Bihar government reached the Supreme Court against the bail granted by the High Court. After that the Supreme Court had canceled Shahabuddin’s bail and ordered to be sent to Tihar.

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