shah rukh khan fan gift currency notes: Shah Rukh Khan Surprised By A Fan In Pune

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shah rukh khan fan gift currency notes: Shah Rukh Khan Surprised By A Fan In Pune

It is well known how popular Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is in the country and in the world. He has a strong fan following everywhere. After finishing shooting near Sant Tukaram Nagar Metro Station recently, Shah Rukh got a surprise when he got a unique gift from a Pune based fan.

Sudarshan Thakur, a court marriage service agent by profession and fond of collecting autographs, prepared a special gift for his favorite actor. He made a monochrome poster of Shah Rukh’s pictures. On this he also added currency notes of Indian Rupees of different denominations whose serial numbers were the same as the actor’s birthday.

Khan Sir saw the poster from a distance
Sudarshan got Shah Rukh’s much awaited autograph on the poster so he gifted these currency notes to the actor. Sharing the experience of meeting King Khan, Sudarshan said, “I was standing near Shah Rukh’s vanity with a poster in my hand. From a distance he saw my poster and sent his assistant to me. Since he was under strict security protocol, his assistant took my poster and went to the actor who signed it. I was happy that Khan Sir accepted my gift. He thumbs up from a distance to show that he liked the gift. ‘

Shah Rukh Khan Shooting

These actors will be seen in the film
Tell me, Shah Rukh Khan is shooting the next film of director Attlee of the South near the metro station located in Pimpri. Actors like Nayantara, Priyamani and Rana Daggubati are also in important roles in the film.

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Shah Rukh met Metro officials
Looking at Black West and Denimus, it looks like Shah Rukh was shooting an action sequence. During this, Shah Rukh also met the Metro officials at the station and besides clicking pictures with them, he also gave autographs.

Shah Rukh Khan Met Metro Officials

Shah Rukh Khan Met Metro Officials

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