Security Of Women In Afghan Current Situation Of Afghan Women In Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule: Explainer

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Security Of Women In Afghan Current Situation Of Afghan Women In Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule: Explainer


  • Exploitation of women started as soon as Taliban arrived in Afghanistan
  • Fighters seeking list of girls and women to marry Imams
  • Women working in banks were forbidden to return to jobs

Taliban fighters celebrate after victory over Kabul. Several videos have surfaced on social media in which terrorists are seen doing riots inside palaces and governor’s house. Meanwhile, there are reports that they are looting cities and going door to door kidnapping 12-year-old girls and making them sex-slaves. There have been reports that women and girls are being abducted from different cities of the country. The bottom line of the whole thing is that the 20 year old ‘black days’ are back in Afghanistan. Women are especially exploited among them. They neither have the freedom to work nor to move out of the house.

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Names of women asking for Imams
According to the Daily Mail report, jihadi commanders are asking imams to list girls and women aged between 12 and 45 in their area so that they can be married to the group’s fighters. The Warlords are also searching for Afghans who helped foreign troops in US forces’ attacks on the Taliban regime after the 9/11 attacks. In a video, the terrorist can be seen shooting a man at the Hamid Karzai International Airport. Women are most at risk under Taliban rule and that is why they are most afraid. Women and girls were subjected to the worst persecution by the Taliban since they came to power in 1996.

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shot for wearing tight clothes
Reports suggest that civilians living as refugees in their own city of Kabul are in awe of the march of terrorists on the streets. They state that the group asked them to hand over their wives and girls to the fighters so that the terrorists could marry and rape them. The Wall Street Journal report claims that the terrorist group killed abducted civilians and soldiers, which the Taliban denied. Reports suggest that notices have been pasted on women’s shops that if they open the shop, they will have to face the consequences. The Taliban reportedly shot a woman because she was wearing tight clothes. In many areas, women have been banned from leaving the house without a male partner.

Pictures of female models removed from walls
Reports are telling that in many areas it has been made mandatory for women to wear burqa and face covering. Al Jazeera’s report states that women working in banks have been warned not to return to work. Earlier this week, the owner of a beauty salon shared a photo on social media in which the model can be seen painting the pictures on the walls. This picture is proof of what the coming Taliban regime is going to be like. A video of a crying baby girl from Afghanistan went viral on social media, which was seen by millions. The United Nations has also expressed concern about the condition of women and girls.

female mayor waiting for death
The Daily Mail reported that in pictures of the girls coming out of Kabul, they can be seen going to school in traditional Islamic clothes. The situation can be gauged from the fact that the first female mayor of Kabul is waiting when the Taliban find and kill her and her husband. Zarifa Ghafari says, ‘I am waiting for the Taliban to come. They will come and kill people like me. I can’t leave my family. In the previous regime, the Taliban banned the education and employment of girls and women under Sharia law. Violating strict rules like wearing a burqa and leaving the house with a male partner, they were subjected to public torture in squares and stadiums and sometimes the death penalty.

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The picture of Afghanistan changed in 50 years
After the capture of Kabul, women activists have expressed concern on social media. Their concern is justified because Afghanistan is now gone 20 years ago. In the 70s, this country was considered a hub of fashion and style like any European country. Now women can neither get education nor work here. The Taliban is promising that its reign this time will be different than it was 20 years ago. Women and children will be given their rights and people’s problems will be solved. How to trust Taliban promises. Even before the occupation of Kabul, he has started exploiting the rights of women in the areas under his control. The group’s new rules and attitudes outline what will happen to women if a Taliban government is formed in Afghanistan.

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