Sean Parnell suspends GOP Senate bid in Pennsylvania

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Sean Parnell suspends GOP Senate bid in Pennsylvania

Sean Parnell, a leading Republican candidate for Senate from Pennsylvania, suspended his campaign on Monday after a judge ruled that his wife should get primary custody of their three children, in which he accused her of spousal and child abuse. was accused of.

Mr Parnell, whom former President Donald J. Trump, said he was “devastated” by the decision and planned to appeal.

“Nothing is more important to me than my children, and while I plan to ask the court to reconsider, I cannot continue with the Senate campaign,” he said in a statement. “My focus is 100% on my kids right now, and I want them to know that I have no other priority and that I will never stop fighting for them.”

Mr. Parnell’s estranged wife, Laurie Snell, testified in court this month that Mr. Parnell had repeatedly abused her and their children, suffocated her and hit one of their children so hard that she hit the child’s back. But left a blanket. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Butler County judge wrote that he found Ms Snell to be a “more credible witness” and believed that Mr Parnell had committed “some acts of misconduct in the past”.

The Pennsylvania seat, currently held by Republican Senator Pat Tomei, is widely regarded as one of the most competitive Senate races in 2022.

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