Scientists invent new way to detect cyclonic storms early

Scientists invent new way to detect cyclonic storms early

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A group of scientists has developed a new way of early detection of severe cyclonic storms. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) said that in this method, the initial signs of vortex in the water are estimated before forecasting the storm from the satellite on the sea surface.

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Until now, these have been detected early by remote sensing techniques. However, this method is effective only when an area of ​​low pressure is well developed on the warm surface of the ocean. The DST said that forecasting the cyclone sufficiently ahead of time can provide time for preparation and has wide-ranging socio-economic implications.

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Scientists did the study
Scientists conducted this study on four severe post-monsoon cyclonic storms, which are Phailin (2013), Varda (2013), Gaj (2018) and Madi (2013). Two post-monsoon storms Mora (2017) and Aila (2009) were also studied. This study was recently published in the journal ‘Atmospheric Research’.

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