Scientists Claim To Recreate Woolly Mammoths In Lab Through Incredible Science

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Scientists Claim To Recreate Woolly Mammoths In Lab Through Incredible Science

Giant Woolly Mammoths, which were found on Earth thousands of years ago, can now be seen once again roaming the forests. With the help of new funding and science, an amazing and revolutionary project has gained momentum. Thousands of years after giant creatures disappeared from ecosystems, scientists want to bring them back to Arctic forests within six years.

Mammoth will come back from the grave
The hopes have been raised after mega-rich investor Ben Lam and business partner George Church raised £11 million for the project, The Guardian reported. Lam and Church’s firm Colossal specializes in gene editing software. Scientists are confident that they will be able to bring back the mammoth from the thousands of years old grave. According to the project announced on Monday, plans to bring extinct animals back into the wild could become a reality before the next decade.
Was searching for gold, found the skeleton of a giant creature of 29000 years ago, created a ruckus
mammoth-like animal
Scientists will create an elephant-mammoth hybrid by creating embryos in the lab from mammoth DNA. These embryos can develop with the help of a surrogate or artificial insemination. Church told The Guardian that he aims to create a mammoth capable of surviving in the Arctic. He said that our target is to make a cold resistant elephant but it will be similar in appearance and behavior to the mammoth.

The whole herd will return to the arctic region
He said that we are not deceiving anyone. We want to make something that is like a mammoth, that can survive at -40°C and do everything that elephants and mammoths do. Lam said that our goal is not to bring back just one mammoth, but we want to bring the whole herd back to the Arctic region.

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