Sara Ali Khan does not look like this slim-trim, does this tough workout to burn belly-thigh and arm fat

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Sara Ali Khan does not look like this slim-trim, does this tough workout to burn belly-thigh and arm fat

There is a deep connection between fitness, exercise and a healthy diet. To stay healthy and fit, we should make healthy food and exercise a part of our lifestyle by including it in our daily routine. If seen, no one has hours to workout in the gym. In such a situation, not only common people, but Bollywood actresses are also giving importance to some such exercises, which are convenient, time-saving as well as effective.

B-town actress Sara Ali Khan, who impressed everyone with her killer looks, has shared a workout video of her on social media, in which she has been doing leg raises. That is, leg lifting exercise. This exercise can help tone your abdomen, legs and thighs. So let’s know what is leg raise exercise and what are its benefits-

what is hanging leg raise

The hanging leg raise is one of the most effective workouts to strengthen your entire core. The special thing is that this exercise targets the forearm muscles, hip flexors and shoulder muscles at the same time. It strengthens the grip of the hand. Overall it is a great exercise for improving the health and mobility of the spine. If seen, this is a strength exercise, which targets the iliopsoas and abdomen.

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Sara Ali Khan doing hanging leg raise workout

Know the benefits of leg raises

  1. Helps in reducing weight from legs and lower abdomen.
  2. Strengthens the abdominal and leg muscles.
  3. An effective exercise for the lower abdomen.
  4. It is beneficial in making the hamstrings and gluteus root strong.
  5. This is a great exercise, which can also be done while lying on the bed.
  6. Leg raise exercises can be done to improve focus and attention.

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how to do leg raises

  1. First of all lie down on your back. Keep hands by your sides.
  2. Now keeping your feet on the floor, keep the arms straight and the knees up.
  3. Now raise the legs straight up in the air. Use your core muscles to do this.
  4. Now relax and lower your legs halfway or completely and lift them back up. Keep in mind that the feet should not touch the floor while bringing them down.
  5. Now take a deep breath while lowering your legs. Exhale as you raise the legs.
  6. In the beginning, repeat this 10-12 times. Repeat 25-50 times slowly and then you can comfortably do 2 to 3 sets of this exercise a day.

If you are a beginner you can start with bent knees and then move on to straight leg raises. It is said that those who have back pain or other problems, they should not do this exercise. But this exercise is very good for those people who are going through the problem of weak spine. This exercise strengthens their spine.

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This workout of Sara Ali Khan helps in weight loss

Which muscles are used during the hanging leg raise?

  1. iliopsoas- This is the primary muscle used during the hanging leg raise. The hip flexors are considered the prime movers for flexing the thigh and torso.
  2. rectus abdominis- This muscle helps in building a six pack in lean athletes. In this, the muscles bend and rotate the lower back and stabilize the pelvis while walking.
  3. oblique- Once your knees are in the horizontal position during the leg raise, the external and internal obliques are worked out in the leg raise. When the oblique works alone, it helps the back muscles with trunk rotation and lateral flexion.

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Who should not do leg raise exercises?

People who have shoulder and nerve related problems should avoid doing hanging leg raises. People who have lower back pain should avoid this exercise. Apart from this, hanging leg raise exercise can be harmful for people who have hernia.

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Do not raise your shoulders while exercising.

  1. Try not to put pressure on your chest.
  2. Do not arch your back while bringing the legs down.
  3. If there is a load on the lower back while lifting the legs, then do not do this exercise.

Leg raises are the perfect exercise for abs. If you are a beginner, then first take some information about this exercise. Because a little carelessness can cause damage to the muscles.

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