Sanjay Raut Allegation on Central govt parambir singh anil deshmukh sachin vaze issue

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Sanjay Raut Allegation on Central govt parambir singh anil deshmukh sachin vaze issue

Mumbai: Instead of imposing presidential rule in Maharashtra, the central government should be dismissed. Shiv Sena criticizes the Center for attacking the autonomy of the state MP Sanjay Raut Has done. Raut told reporters that what will happen to Anil Deshmukh is not an important issue for Maharashtra or the country. He said the government was being targeted with a gun on the shoulder of a former Mumbai police commissioner. Once upon a time, he said Parambir Singh Those who cast doubt on him are using them today to fire guns. Parambir Singh is an important weapon of the opposition. We do not have a grudge against the Central Investigation Agency. The fact that the Central Investigation Agency is infiltrating Maharashtra is an attack on Maharashtra. In this regard Sharad Pawar They have the same opinion. “But once the investigation is started, they should cooperate with what we are doing,” Raut said.

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Raut said that as long as Uddhav Thackeray is the Chief Minister. Until then, all cases will be investigated impartially and without pressure. They will take whatever decision the Chief Minister wants. The baseless and baseless allegations of the opposition will not tarnish the image of the state government. The people of the state have misunderstood that they wanted to politicize the opposition and infiltrate the Central Investigation Agency into Maharashtra. The atmosphere was created through those investigative mechanisms. Are the central investigative mechanisms falling from the clouds ?, Raut asked.

When asked about Prakash Ambedkar’s demand for President’s imposition, he said that Prakash Ambedkar is Dr. He is the grandson of Babasaheb Ambedkar. Babasaheb is the organizer. Needless to say, we have a lot of faith in them. If Prakash Ambedkar is saying that President’s rule should be imposed in Maharashtra, then he needs to study the situation once again. Because of the way in which the Opposition is putting pressure on the Government of Maharashtra by creating false cases. Because of this, the President’s rule cannot be enforced and the central government should be dismissed. Because this is an attack on the autonomy of the state, said Sanjay Raut.

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