samsung neo qled tvs: perfect sound! Know why Samsung NEO QLED TVs give you the best theater-like experience

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samsung neo qled tvs: perfect sound! Know why Samsung NEO QLED TVs give you the best theater-like experience

No one can leave Samsung behind in terms of technology, especially when it comes to the display. Now whether the display is of TVs or smartphones, Samsung is considered to be the industry standard. But over the years, Samsung has also shown its proficiency in the field of audio. The company has redefined the sound system for the better. With its Smart TV, the company brings Cinematic Audio Experience. The perfect example of Samsung’s audio capability is its new QLED TVs for 2021. This time Samsung has achieved an even higher level than before. Samsung’s new series of QLED TVs has been named as NEO QLED TV. It has been introduced with features that will make the TV viewing experience absolutely cinematic. Samsung NEO QLED TVs are made with perfection. The most amazing features have been added to it, such as the Infinity-One design and Quantum Mini LED. But the flagship audio features present in it like Q-Symphony, OTS Pro, SpaceFit Sound are some of the features that create a great audio environment, giving a great viewing experience. With the NEO QLED TV series being touted as another name for innovation, buyers are focusing on all the features it offers. We help them understand Samsung NEO QLED TV better.

great sound experience

For many years, the highlight of the best theater system has been its display department. However, the viewing experience remains incomplete unless the visuals are accompanied by the right audio technology. Samsung’s NEO QLED TV series has taken care of this situation. It has been designed to create an audio experience that exceeds all industry standards. It would not be wrong to say that Samsung has improved its own sound innovation. The company brings us the best audio experience with features like Q-Symphony, SpaceFit and OTS pro. Let us know about these features in detail:



NEO QLED TVs have built-in speakers that spread the sound from all directions. Its sound is so real that it makes the viewer feel as if they are really there. But Samsung didn’t stop there – it went a step further with the Q-Symphony. The latest Q-Symphony feature allows users to sync soundbars that are compatible with Neo QLED. This gives a perfect surround sound experience to the viewer. This technology harnesses the TV’s speakers and soundbar for a powerful audio experience. With the TV and soundbar in sync, you are almost guaranteed to have a theater-like experience in your living room.

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Object tracking sound Pro technology to follow action on screen

below object ts

To ensure a 360-degree TV viewing experience, Samsung NEO QLED TVs come equipped with excellent Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) technology. So how does it work? The TV has built-in speakers that deliver sound from all directions. This means that users get unique 3D surround sound that follows the on-screen sound. This means, while watching the Samsung NEO QLED TV that comes with OTS Pro technology, the viewers can not only see what is happening on the screen but can also hear the action exactly as it is happening. When the action moves, its sound will also move. With this, the viewer will be able to feel every detail of the sound from every corner.

Spacefit Sound and Active Voice Amplifier

Samsung’s NEO QLED range understands that TV’s sound needs to be optimized to fit the space. Hence, this range comes with SpaceFit sound technology which automatically detects the room and adjusts the sound settings of the TV. All you have to do is turn on the TV and Spacefit Sound automatically takes care of all the settings to provide the perfect audio experience, no matter where, where your TV is placed. Along with this, there is an Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) that analyzes ambient noise and improves on-screen voices by clearing them in real-time.

great display

Samsung’s thinnest TVs are present in this range of NEO QLED TVs. The Infinity One design of the range makes it bezel-less at the front and bulk-less from the sides. Apart from this, the TV gets a clean and sleek look thanks to the Sake One Connect solution (slimmed-down hub for all the TV ports). This means that apart from a single cable that will connect to external devices, there will be no visible wires. This is because all the ports are neatly placed in the One Connect solution. It can be mounted on the side or back of the TV. With the all-in-one SolarCell One remote that is made from recycled plastic, Samsung has also done a good job in terms of eco-functionality.


Another highlight of the Samsung NEO QLED TV is its Quantum Matrix Technology Pro. So how does this technology work? To put it simply, Quantum Matrix Technology Pro on this TV series ensures that you get the brightest and clearest colours. NEO QLED TVs use 100% color volume with Quantum Dot, giving you 100% color volume in every scene. Quantum Mini LEDs, which are 40 percent smaller, emit the most accurate light by showing deep black tones. This range allows users to play anything in 4K and 8K. All this is possible due to the Neo Quantum Processor AI present in it. The features of these displays together make Samsung NEO QLED a perfect TV for the eyes.

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A perfect choice for gaming and entertainment

below gaming

We all know this very well Samsung’s technology is very gamer-friendly. Taking this legacy forward, the Samsung NEO QLED range wants to make these devices perfect for gaming and for this the company has provided stellar features in it. Coming to the initial stage, it comes with power-packed features like Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ and uper Ultrawide GameView with 32:9 wide gaming aspect ratio. This ratio is perfect for gaming as it provides an immersive experience while playing racing games or FPS games. Apart from this, Auto Low Latency Mode and Freesync Premium Pro increase the reaction time and give an immersive gaming experience to the users.

For the ease and convenience of the users, the Samsung NEO QLED range has been made available with multiple voice assistants including Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This TV range is very useful for the users and automatically syncs with the work PC of the users. Helps them to access work files through TV. In fact, it even works well with Google Duo to help users connect seamlessly on the workfront.

The Samsung NEO QLED range is definitely grabbing the attention of the people. Samsung NEO QLED 8K TVs are available in three sizes: 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch, and 4K TVs are available in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch, and 98-inch. The price of 8K starts from Rs 364,990 and the price of 4K starts from Rs 160,990.

great deals

The festive season is here and if you are looking to buy a TV, then some great deals are waiting for you. On select TVs you get Rs. 104900 with free soundbar up to 20 percent cashback on certain bank credit cards and EMI starting Rs 1990. Along with this, there will be many big offers on with a 3-year complete warranty and 10-year no screen burn-in warranty on select TVs.

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Disclaimer: This article has been written by the Navbharat Times team on behalf of Samsung.

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