sameer wankhede news: Aryan Khan Case: Sameer Wankhede’s caste, birth certificate, wife.

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sameer wankhede news: Aryan Khan Case: Sameer Wankhede’s caste, birth certificate, wife.


  • Nawab Malik vs Sameer Wankhede fight gets deeper
  • Sameer Wankhede said that Malik is making my personal life public
  • Nawab Malik accuses Sameer Wankhede of having links with drug mafia
  • Malik said that Wankhede is friends with the international drug mafia

Maharashtra’s Minority Development Minister Nawab Malik is continuously making personal attacks on Narcotics Control Bureau officer Sameer Wankhede. Malik has so far made public the personal information of Sameer Wankhede many times. Nawab Malik has publicly questioned Samir Wankhede’s marriage, his nikahnama, his caste, his religion many times in public.

On Thursday also, Nawab Malik shared the certificate of marriage of Sameer Wankhede and his first wife Dr. Shabana Qureshi on Twitter. Malik wrote on Twitter that this nikahnama is of the year 2006. During this, Sameer Wankhede had described himself as a Muslim youth.

Nawab Malik and Wankhede feud Why?
If the Maharashtra cabinet minister Nawab Malik is attacking him, then there is a reason for this. Sameer Wankhede arrested Nawab Malik’s son-in-law Sameer along with two other accused on January 13. Sameer remained in jail for about 8 months. Then he got bail. When the court took out the bail order, holding a press conference with Nawab Malik told the media that his son-in-law was implicated in a false case.

After the NCB was reporting the seized material as 200 kg ganja, the CA report revealed that the item found was herbal tobacco. Malik then questioned Sameer Wankhede that such a big agency NCB is not able to differentiate between tobacco and ganja. He has also previously worked in DRI, IB, NIA and Intelligence Unit of Mumbai Airport.

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violation of the right to privacy
According to Constitution expert and senior advocate Dr. Suresh Mane, Nawab Malik is violating his right to privacy by bringing the personal life of Sameer Wankhede on the public platform. Mane said that if Nawab Malik feels that Sameer Wankhede is not doing his duty properly. So they should challenge this matter in court legally. If they feel that Sameer Wankhede is indulging in wrong activities, then they should complain to the higher officials.

Apart from this, if they feel that the higher officials are also not taking the complaint seriously. So they can demand investigation either from the court or the DG of NCB. Dr Mane says that Nawab Malik could have followed this process if he wanted. But he didn’t.

Wrong to make personal information public
Dr Mane says that the way Nawab Malik is making the personal life of Sameer Wankhede public, it is not right. If they think that Sameer Wankhede has got the job through fake certificate. So for this also there is a process under which a complaint has to be made. Also, his cast validity should have been examined.

Fundamental right is ‘right to privacy’
According to Dr. Mane, the right to privacy is given by the Constitution. It is a fundamental right. It is being openly violated by Nawab Malik. However, like the IPC, there is no provision for any special punishment for this. But the aggrieved person can file a defamation suit in the court for this. What punishment is to be given to the accused or how much fine is to be charged, all this court decides at its discretion.

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