salman khurshid book: salman khurshid book issue: ruckus on salman khurshid book: latest update on salman khurshid book issue

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salman khurshid book: salman khurshid book issue: ruckus on salman khurshid book: latest update on salman khurshid book issue

Coincidence or experiment of Salman?
Congress is on the back foot over a book by Salman Khurshid just before the UP elections. Many Congress leaders are unable to understand why his book on Ayodhya verdict came at the same time when the election notification is about to be issued, the book could have come earlier and later also? Whatever Salman Khurshid said in this book, the meaning is being taken that he has compared Hindutva with organizations like Boko Haram and ISIS. On this difficulty raised by Salman, the Congress is unable to understand why he creates trouble for the party on the occasion of elections. He had also created a big controversy on the occasion of 2012 UP assembly elections. At that time he was the Law Minister in the Central Government. He had said in a public meeting that if the Congress government is formed in the state, then Muslims will be given 9 percent reservation from OBC quota. Not only did BJP make it an issue, the Election Commission had also issued a notice on it. Even then the Congress had to shun his statement. Congress did not get any hand in the 2012 elections of UP, on the contrary, it had to be out of central power in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections too. The reasons for the defeat in the report of the party’s internal committee included two statements, one by Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister that the first step on the country’s resources is for minorities and second by Salman Khurshid’s reservation for Muslims. The one The Committee observed that the perception among the majority section has been strengthened that the Congress talks only in favor of Muslims and has no vision for the majority of Hindus. Now that Salman has once again created trouble for the party on the occasion of 2022 elections, many party leaders are seen asking the question whether it is just a coincidence or some experiment?

BJP’s dilemma, what to do with Varun?

In the midst of preparations for the elections of five states, an internal team of BJP is trying to come to the conclusion that what strategy should be adopted regarding Varun Gandhi? From the farmers’ agitation to the Lakhimpur violence and then the reaction of Varun Gandhi to Kangana’s statement, it is believed inside the party that she is not willing to go along but the party is not ready to give any reaction on her behalf. is not in favor. Now that elections are to be held for five states, including UP, it has to be decided that what should be the role of Varun Gandhi? Some party leaders are of the opinion that if they are completely ignored, they are not even made a part of the election campaign, then they can do more harm. He will be completely free to express his views, if any action is taken against him at that time it will cause more harm. It is better to keep them tied to the party itself, they must be made a part of the election campaign. In view of such opinion, some senior party leaders may talk to Varun Gandhi. However, there are many such leaders of the party who are of the opinion that full distance should be kept from Varun.

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Raj Thackeray’s stars in politics will change by changing house

On the occasion of Diwali, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray has shifted to a new house in Mumbai, which he has named ‘Shiv Teerth’. Earlier he used to live in ‘Krishnakunj’. Actually changing his house is considered important because he has changed three houses during the last 25 years. The reason for changing the earlier two houses is that they did not prove to be very lucky for Raj Thackeray. He did not get the position he desired for himself in politics, on the contrary, he was marginalized. In the 2019 assembly elections, his party could win only one seat, and out of the 101 candidates he had fielded, 86 candidates could not even save their deposits. Importance in politics is judged by the mass base. Obviously, after seeing the 2019 assembly results, they were considered irrelevant. Raj Thackeray wants to be a big force in Maharashtra again. The buzz is that his new house has been prepared according to Vastu Shastra. It has been prepared by removing the defects which were seen in both the earlier houses. After shifting to the new house, from Raj Thackeray to his supporters, everyone is sure that everything will be better and the days ahead will be better. It is also said that the world survives only on hope. It remains to be seen how far Raj Thackeray’s hopes will materialise. The first examination will be held in the elections of Mumbai Municipal Corporation which are to be held next year. Presently Shiv Sena is in control of Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

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Soren gets challenge from nieces

The battle for inheritance in the political families of regional parties is not new. Recently, the Soren family of Jharkhand was also added to this list. First talk started with Sita Soren, sister-in-law of CM Hemant Soren. Her husband was Hemant’s elder brother, who has now passed away. Sita Soren is not getting the share she is seeking from the party to the power. So, he took a rebellious attitude. But the matter did not end there. His daughters formed the Durga Soren army in the name of their father. To say this is an apolitical organization, but through this, Sita Soren is taking steps towards creating a parallel party in the state. Earlier, Hemant Soren thought that this challenge from home was time-consuming, but now he sees this challenge increasing. There are reports that preparations are being made for a big event in the state under the banner of Durga Sena, for which contact is being made to all those who are considered to be opponents of Hemant Soren. For damage control, Hemant Soren has also started action against those party office-bearers, who have been considered Sita Soren’s confidante. Hemant Soren also feels that in this whole exercise, only sister-in-law’s mind is not there. Those people are working behind him, who want to weaken him politically. Sister-in-law and nieces are just pawns. Perhaps this is the reason why one of his statements came in the past, in which he said that those forces who want to weaken his government and destroy the dream of creating a new Jharkhand will be disappointed. His wish will never be fulfilled.

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