salman khan film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, releasing on multiple platforms worldwide

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salman khan film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, releasing on multiple platforms worldwide

Bollywood is suffering due to the second wave of corona. In such a situation, all the producers are very upset as the release date of all the big and small films has to be postponed. In such a situation, a new news has come out about Salman Khan’s film ‘Radhe’ which will be released in Eid.

Salman Khan has chosen a new way to screen ‘Radhe’ in cinemas as it was not released on Eid last year due to Corona. ‘Radhe’ will be screened simultaneously on cinemas as well as OTT platforms and all DTH platforms. The GT owns the OTT rights to the film ‘Radhe’ and during the discussion on launching ‘Radhe’ directly on the OTT platform, Salman Khan clarified that the film will be released in theaters first.

Salman Khan-Disha will be appearing on the OTT stage with Patani starrer and Prabhu Deva directed ‘Radhe’ theater, but in a different way. The film will be aired simultaneously on GPlex and all DTH channels on the Pay Per View model where each viewer has to pay a certain amount to watch the film and only then can the film be aired. Apart from this, a big decision has been taken to release the film ‘Radhe’ on May 13 in cinemas across the country and abroad.

With the new wave of Corona and the situation not going to be normal, it has been decided to air ‘Radhe’ together with OTT and all DTH platforms. Therefore, ‘Radhe’ will be the first Bollywood film to reach the OTT audience, including the theater, on the same day. Salman Khan himself has confirmed the news through social media.

At the launch of Kabir Bedi’s biopic last month, Salman Khan had said that ‘Radhe’ would be screened on the occasion of Eid this year if Corona’s condition improves. Salman further said that if the current situation does not change, ‘Radhe’ will be released in cinemas on the occasion of Eid next year.

Radhe will be screened in 40 countries around the world, including the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North America and Singapore. In addition, the first Hindi film ‘Radhe’ will be released in European cinemas after the corona attack last year.

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