S-550 Missile System: Russia Exploring Market for S550 Missile System: Russia Exploring Market for S-550 Missile System, Eyeing India

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S-550 Missile System: Russia Exploring Market for S550 Missile System: Russia Exploring Market for S-550 Missile System, Eyeing India


  • Russia now starts manufacturing S-550 missile system after S-500
  • The project was started during the time of the Soviet Union, was stopped due to the treaty with America.
  • Russia may offer S-550 to India, start deliveries of S-400

After making the S-500 missile system, Russia is now working on the S-550. The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday that work on this project has been started. This will be such a missile system, which the world has not seen till date. It is being told that the development of this system started in the era of Soviet Union, but it was stopped after an agreement with America. Russia has already conducted the last successful test of the S-500 missile. The system will be inducted into the Russian army early next year.

Putin can offer to India
Russia is already exploring the market for the S-550 missile system. It is believed that President Vladimir Putin can offer this missile system to India. India has already purchased the S-400 missile system from Russia. Russia has also started the delivery of this missile system on time. A detailed discussion can also be held about this missile system during President Putin’s visit to India.

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Senior official appointed for sale of S-550
Dmitry Shugaev, director of Russia’s Federal Service for Military Technical Corporation, is to oversee sales of the S-550 missile system. He is also considered the successor of Sergei Chemezov, the head of Rostec State Corp. This corporation oversees the production of all state-owned arms companies in Russia.

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Russian Defense Minister confirmed the creation of the new system
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said President Vladimir Putin had ordered the development of the missile system in a recent meeting with top military officials. Shoigu said during a conference at the Defense Ministry that the head of state (President Putin) discussed the importance of advancing the development of domestic air and missile defense systems and the supply of the S-350, S-500 and S-550 to the armed forces. special emphasis.

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Construction started during the Soviet Union
During this address of the Russian Defense Minister, a picture of the S-500 missile system was placed right behind him. However, he did not share any details about the S-550 missile system during this conversation. The Soviet Union was developing the S-550 high-mobility terminal air defense system in 1981–1988, reports Russia’s state-run TASS news agency. However, many such projects were shelved due to the Soviet Union-US arms control agreement.

Russia has successfully tested the S-500 system
Russia’s announcement comes a few months after the live fire test of the S-500 missile system. In July, Russia successfully test-fired the S-500 missile system. It was said to be an upgraded version of the S-400 missile system. Russia claimed the S-500 was the world’s longest-range surface-to-air missile system.

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