S / 200 million are transferred to Trabaja Perú to create 90,000 temporary jobs | News

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S / 200 million are transferred to Trabaja Perú to create 90,000 temporary jobs | News

The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) indicated today that it approved the transfer of 203 million 71,606 soles in favor of the Trabaja Perú program, in order to generate more than 90,000 temporary jobs nationwide.

Through Ministerial Resolution No. 211-2021-TR published today in the official newspaper El Peruano, it is detailed that 1,647 agreements signed with local governments will be financed with this budget in order to carry out immediate intervention activities.

The targeted districts are located in the regions of Amazonas (95), Áncash (129), Apurímac (90), Arequipa (60), Ayacucho (120), Callao (08), Cusco (04), Huancavelica (139), Ica (08), Junín (109), Lima (107), Loreto (96), Moquegua (08), and Tacna (12).

In these districts it is estimated to generate 61,676 temporary jobs.

In addition, districts declared in emergency due to natural disasters, located in Amazonas (04), Apurímac (02), Ayacucho (122), Cajamarca (62), Cusco (06), Huancavelica (116), Huánuco (65), Junín (96 ), Loreto (18), Madre de Dios (22), Piura (109), Puno (11), San Martín (17), and Tumbes (12), which will generate 29,889 more temporary jobs.

This intervention of the MTPE program will be carried out in the context of Supreme Decree No. 223-2021-EF, through which an increase in the budget of Trabaja Perú was determined in order to generate additional temporary jobs for the benefit of Peruvians and Peruvians who need it the most.

Trabaja Perú promotes the generation of temporary employment for the population living in poverty, extreme poverty and affected partially or entirely by natural disasters or emergencies, through the financing or co-financing of public investment projects and activities that are intensive in unskilled labor (MONC).

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Posted on: 11/3/2021

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