Russians face sanctions and concerns of a costly war

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Russians face sanctions and concerns of a costly war

Stanislav Usati, owner of a marketing agency in St. Petersburg, said he expected to lose many of his customers due to the high exchange rate, especially companies selling imports; He said he would probably need to lay off staff. Alexandra Gridina, owner of a travel agency in the city, said she would need to raise prices for international tours her customers had already booked.

“It’s a catastrophe for our business,” she said.

Yet, while there was confusion on Metro turnstiles and lines at ATMs and banks, there was no absolute financial panic among the general public. And it was unclear whether the sanctions would help turn more Russians against the war – or whether they would only add to the West’s own resentment, confirming the Kremlin narrative that the United States and Europe were ready to dismantle their country. were determined to

“Times have changed, a lot has happened, but not one thing has changed,” a reporter for state news channel Rossiya 24 said on Sunday. “When a united Europe tried to destroy Russia, it always came with the opposite result.”

The backbone of Mr Putin’s power is made up of security officials who rarely leave Russia and stand to benefit from greater state control over the economy. Among the wider public, he draws his main support from pensioners and state employees, who are less vulnerable to economic instability than the private sector.

While shopping for groceries in Moscow on Monday, 85-year-old Valentina V. Petrova, who said she used to work on Russia’s Proton space rocket, said economic troubles did not deter her.

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“I think the president did everything right,” she said.

Mr Petrov, an engineer who flew to Egypt, said his parents also supported the war. And the Old Russians, he noted, had seen their share of ups and downs.

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