russia covid news: Russia New Covid cases, deaths near all-time high

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russia covid news: Russia New Covid cases, deaths near all-time high

The continuous record deaths due to corona virus in Russia have made the whole world sleepy. In this country, which claims to have made the first vaccine in the world, 986 people have died due to corona in the last 24 hours. This is the highest daily death toll since the start of the pandemic. The number of people who died of corona virus in Russia on Tuesday was 973. Despite this, Russian government officials are adamant on not imposing a lockdown in the country. Despite the rapid pace of vaccination in America and Britain, there has been an increase in infection.

Russian officials not ready to impose lockdown
The report of Russia’s The National Corona Virus Task Force said that the number of deaths from Kovid-19 has been increasing steadily with a daily record in October. It says that more than 100 people are dying daily in Russia compared to September. The federal government of Russia has handed over the decision to the regional authorities regarding the imposition of restrictions to control the corona virus infection.

A record 968 people died in one day due to corona virus infection in Russia, what is the reason for this increase?
Increased pressure on Russia’s health system
Russia’s healthcare system has been under increased pressure due to rising cases of infection. The country’s Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said in a cabinet meeting on Tuesday that 11 percent of the total Kovid-19 patients admitted to hospitals in Russia are in critical or critical condition. The Corona Virus Task Force in Russia has confirmed more than 7.8 million cases of infection in the country, of which more than 219,000 people have died. With this, Russia has reached the top of the number of people who died of corona in Europe.

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Corona continues to wreak havoc in Russia even after claiming to make 2-2 vaccines, getting record patients
Speed ​​of infection increased due to slow vaccination
The Russian government says that the reason for the increase in the cases of infection in the country since last month is the low vaccination rate. The government said on Friday that about 33 percent of Russia’s total population of 146 million people, ie only 47.8 million people, have had at least one vaccine, while about 29 percent of the people, ie 42.4 million people, have been fully vaccinated. Has happened.

First made vaccine, nine times less population than India and daily case 22 thousand, what is happening in Russia?
Putin appealing to speed up vaccination
President Vladimir Putin has also held an emergency meeting in view of the increasing cases of Corona in Russia. In a meeting with Russian lawmakers, Putin also insisted on vaccines. He also requested the MPs to encourage people to take the booster dose of Kovid. Last month, Putin also went into isolation after close people got infected with Kovid. They are still rarely seen in public places.

Russia is distributing vaccine to the world and more than 600 deaths daily in its own country, what is Putin doing after all?
New cases are also increasing in US-UK
The pace of corona infection has seen an increase in the last 7 days in America. On October 12, 84086 new cases were registered in the US, while on October 11 the number was 62408. A day before this i.e. on October 10, 63271 people were infected with the corona virus in America. In Britain also on October 13, 42776 people were found infected. Whereas on October 10, the number of new cases was 38520.

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