Robert E. Lee Confederate Statue Removed from Virginia Capitol. National News

Robert E. Lee Confederate Statue Removed from Virginia Capitol. National News

A symbol of Virginia’s Confederate past came down in the state capital on Wednesday, more than a year after the governor announced plans to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee’s likeness after last summer’s call amid racial reckoning. were starting to grow. Nation.

In June 2020 Governor Ralph Northam announced plans to tear down the statue of the Confederate general, following nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd. On Wednesday, after a legal battle put the removal plan on hold for more than a year, a small crowd cheered on the governor’s commitment being fulfilled.

“Hey, hey, hey, goodbye,” the crowd sang.

Just before 9 a.m., the 21-foot statue, which has stood since 1890, was hoisted from its pedestal in the city, which once served as the capital of the Union. a team later cut the idol into two pieces For transportation, as it is primed for storage in an undisclosed state facility.

The removal of Lee’s statue in the state capital on Wednesday marks the last Confederate emblem standing on Main Boulevard of Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia, which once featured six symbols of the state’s federal heritage.

“Virginia’s largest monument to the Confederacy will come down this week,” Northam said in a statement before the statue was removed. “It’s an important step in showing who we are and what we value as a Commonwealth.”

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