RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav said I congratulate farmers for their victory on the issue of farm laws

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RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav said I congratulate farmers for their victory on the issue of farm laws

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) President and former Union Minister Lalu Prasad reached the party’s state office in Patna after a long time on Wednesday, where it was inaugurated by lighting an 11-feet marble lantern. After the launch program, Lalu Prasad addressed the RJD workers.

During this, while attacking PM Modi for distributing food grains to the poor for free, Lalu Yadav said that they say that we are distributing these grains, have you ever cultivated? Remember you guys, this has happened on the orders of the Supreme Court. During the UPA government, the Supreme Court had ordered that food grains are rotting in the godowns. Distribute it to the poor. Since then food grains are being distributed free of cost to the poor.

Referring to the farmers’ movement, Lalu Prasad said that the government’s withdrawal of the agriculture law is a victory for the farmers. He said- “I congratulate the farmers for their victory on the issue of agricultural laws. They have emerged victorious. Narendra Modi and his arrogance have been defeated. This struggle will continue till a law on MSP is made.” I would demand the government to bring a law on MSP.”

RJD is the biggest force and government has to be formed: Lalu
Lalu Yadav appeared in his old style. He said that RJD is the biggest power and the government has to be formed. Lalu Prasad said that the lantern is a symbol of light. It serves to show the way to the poor gurus. The lantern is called the Hurricane Lamp, which does not go out even in a storm. Let me tell you, this lantern is made of stone. The flame of this lantern will burn for 24 hours with CNG.

By Lalu Yadav Tejashwi Yadav’s much praise

Lalu Yadav has also praised Tejashwi Yadav a lot. He said that Tejashwi and all the workers work very hard for RJD. Lalu Prasad also targeted the central government and said that when we became the railway minister, we had also brought loss-making railways to profit. He said that factories were set up in Bihar. Did a lot of work Rail fares reduced.

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Lalu Yadav’s taunt on Nitish government’s claim of development
Taking a jibe at the Bihar government over its claims of development, he said that there is still water logging in many areas of the state. The former Chief Minister of Bihar also spoke about the pain of being away from Bihar. He said that I do not feel like in Delhi. In this sequence, the discussion of jeep ride in the morning was also discussed. In the program, Lalu complained that women were not being given preference in RJD. Wherever there is a meeting from the front, make women sit on the chair. He said that a library would also be built in the RJD office.


Lalu Yadav addressing

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