Rewards of BGMI Season M3 RP revealed, know which rank will get what reward!

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Rewards of BGMI Season M3 RP revealed, know which rank will get what reward!

BGMI is one of the best options for players who love battle royale titles. Players can enjoy a great battle royale game experience in this game with many great graphics and system options like 4K and HD graphics. Also Read – BGMI Season M3 Royale Pass Release Date Revealed, These Rewards Will Be Available

Krafton has introduced a new RP system with a monthly RP cycle instead of a two-month RP cycle in Battlegrounds Mobile India to increase engagement. Users can get new outfits, weapon skins and other in-game items by purchasing the Elite Royale Pass. Also Read – BGMI released the list of winners of the #GetReadytoJump event, is your name in the list?

Rewards Revealed

RP Rank 1

Players will get a Farm Fresh set on purchasing the Elite Royale Pass during the M3 season. Apart from this, the Lone Wolf Lone Wolf QBZ weapon skin is also included in the list of rewards. Also Read – BGMI released the latest patch note, restart the game, these problems will go away

RP Rank 5

Players in rank 5 will receive free Farm Fresh masks and an M4 RP mission card as RP rewards.

RP Rank 10

In the Season 3 Elite Royale Pass, users at rank 10 will get a brand new backpack skin called Veggie Carton Backpack.

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RP Rank 13

Players will also get a great parachute skin as a free reward in the coming RP season. The leaked parachute skin is called a supermarket sale parachute.

RP Rank 15

Players will get a cool emote as a free reward when they reach rank 15 in the BGMI M3 RP season. The name of this emote is Twist Dance.

RP Rank 30

According to the leak, a new grenade skin is available at rank 30 in the M3 Elite Royale Pass. It’s called the Deadly Cabbage Grenade. Along with the grenade skin, gamers will also get a mythic emote for the season, called Deep Fried Emote.

RP Rank 40

A weapon skin M164A is available as a reward at RP Rank 40. This weapon skin is called M16A4 Skin.

RP Rank 50

During the Elite Royal Pass of every season, the players are waiting for the highest rank of 50. In the M3 RP season, users will get a deep fried set and its headgear as a reward.

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