Review: ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ is a story of love, commitment phobia and casual sex.

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Review: ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ is a story of love, commitment phobia and casual sex.

Vasudha Rao () is 39 years old. Divorced. Are single mothers. Vasudha lives with her daughter Kay alias Kavanya Khattar (Shenova) and her brother Akhil Rao (Prateek Babbar). The gist of the story is that all three are single. The three have their own troubles of romantic life. Akhil has a commitment phobia. Vasudha has been betrayed in love, is divorced. Kay is young. The three begin to explore their romantic life. The story is of hiccups between hookups. There is a story of today, which in many ways also tells how far the world has come in terms of love and feelings.

Discussion of Lara Dutta and Pratik Babbar Starr web series ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ started with the trailer release. A big reason for this was the story of the show, its theme. To many people this may seem like a story ahead of time. Director Kunal Kohli has tried to show the changing thinking of today’s parents with dating, romance and time in modern times, who meet their children as friends and not as parents. Well, the story goes on. Akhil has created a dating app ‘Ketchup’ and Vasudha is looking for love in her life through this app. Akhil’s friend Fatima is played by Meera Chopra. Vasudha wants casual sex, but this desire makes her experience on the dating app crazy. Vasudha’s daughter Kay is a modern day girl. A little stubborn, a little confused. While Akhil needs a love with which his pace slows down a bit. The entire series focuses on sibling relationships. There is no filter in the conversation between the two. They talk about dating. Let’s talk about casual sex. There is talk of relationships and all such discussions, which we often whisper while talking. In between all this, there is something that comedy gets a chance to spread its legs. However, this kind of openness can make the viewers of new OTT uncomfortable. But we also have to see that even though this story is fictional, Kunal Kohli has tried to show that which is common in a section of our cities. Kunal Kohli has made films like ‘Hum Tum’ and ‘Fana’. Both these films show Sensible Love Story. ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ is also a romantic-drama, but this is the story of today. According to the story, Lara Dutta and Pratik Babbar have come to life in the role of siblings. This series rests on the shoulders of both of them and both of them have played it well. Shinova has made her acting debut as Kay and she attracts. Mukesh Chhabra is also in this series. This famous casting director of the industry has also done the entire casting of the show. He is in the role of Lara Dutta’s boss in the show. Whenever he comes on screen, he brings a dash of comedy. The story of ‘Hickups and Hookups’ is written by Indira Bisht. He has added many layers to the story. You move from episode to episode. The layers of the story unfold. Sneha Khanwalkar’s music is according to the story and the theme of the show. Overall, this first Indian original series of ‘Lionsgate Play’ narrates the changing ways and expressions of love, romance and dating between the two generations in a light-hearted manner. It can be seen in leisure moments.

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