Reinvention and Nostalgia: The Project to Remake Twitter

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Reinvention and Nostalgia: The Project to Remake Twitter

The BlueSky project will eventually allow the creation of new curation algorithms, which will show individual tweets on top of users’ timelines, compared to Twitter’s own algorithm. This would give users more choices about the content they view, Mr Dorsey said, and could allow Twitter to interoperate with other social media services.

Bluesky caught the attention of several technologists who were already working on decentralization. Small groups of them were meeting with Mr. Aggarwal and Mr. Dorsey on Sunday to discuss the project, according to two participants who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private meetings, while others Ideas were traded in online chat rooms.

Some Bluesky participants proposed a single app that got piped into all of their social media feeds. Others wanted custom algorithms that could, for example, prevent them from watching spoilers about their favorite TV shows. And some were focusing on making their online identities portable, so that transferring an account between social media companies could be done the way a phone number could be transferred from AT&T to Verizon.

“One of the things BlueSky has to offer is curation and filtering experiences that are independent of those offered by social media proprietorships,” said Tim Bray, an internet software pioneer and former Amazon vice president who participated in some of the discussions.

Jay Graber, a cryptocurrency developer, was selected to lead the Bluesky organization in August. And in February, Ms. Graber announced that the project was officially registered as a public benefit corporation and was building a prototype.

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The project caught the attention of engineers at Reddit, who had an initial discussion with Twitter engineers about how their sites might someday interoperate, two people familiar with the conversation said, but the companies have not formally agreed to work together. No plans have been agreed to.

Some skeptics believe that Twitter is jumping on the Web 3 bandwagon, joining a trendy movement in tech to move many services, including social media, to so-called blockchain technology. But executives say Twitter is looking to cater to a much larger number of users, following the decentralization mandate set by Mr. Dorsey before he took over as CEO in November.

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