regional and mainstream films on ott: Film Release On Ott Platform: Regional films are also being released on OTT platform.

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regional and mainstream films on ott: Film Release On Ott Platform: Regional films are also being released on OTT platform.

‘Miss India’, ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’, ‘Karnan’, ‘Navaras’, in the recent past, the discussion of South Indian and other regional films has also increased in Hindi regions. A big reason for this is that now because of OTT, these films are leaving their state and reaching audiences all over the world. As such, it would not be wrong to say that OTT has bridged the gap between regional and mainstream films. A report:

I have seen ‘Miss India’, ‘Pava Kadhaigal’, ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’, ‘Karnan’, all these films and I liked them very much. Suggest the names of such and good South Indian films on OTT. ‘ When Mayur Vihar resident PR professional Priyanka recently posted this on Facebook, people shared the list of films like ‘Super Deluxe’, ‘Nayattu’, ‘Kuruthi’, ‘Drishyam 2’ in the comment box. Some time ago, Hindi film director Hansal Mehta was seen on Twitter building a bridge of praise for the Malayalam film ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’. Meanwhile, regional films like ‘Sarpatta Parambarai’, ‘The Discipline’ and ‘Navaras’, which recently hit OTT, were also a topic of discussion among film lovers in Hindi states.

In such a case, it would not be wrong to say that regional language films, which were once confined to their respective states, are now penetrating the hearts of audiences across the country and the credit goes to the third screen i.e. OTT. Over the years, OTT has made its door-to-door reach. On the other hand, due to the closure of cinemas in the country after the Corona epidemic last year, just like many Bollywood films turned directly to OTT, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali films also reached OTT directly and watched good content through it. To the avid audience. In terms of good content, these viewers who watch global content are not bound by language or region, so in the last one and a half to two years, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi in all the states of the country including Delhi, Mumbai, UP. , The craze of Bengali films has increased considerably.

Regional films writing success stories on OTT
The success of regional films on OTT can also be gauged from their ever-increasing number of releases. Just this Friday, Vijay Sethupati’s’ Tughlaq Durbar ‘(Tamil-Telugu) on Netflix,’ Tak Jagdish ‘(Telugu) on Amazon Prime Video, cricketer Harbhajan Singh’s debut science fantasy film’ Dikkiluna ‘(Tamil) on’ Z5 ‘and’ Net ‘(Telugu) has been released. Next week, Andhadhun’s remake ‘Mystro’ (Telugu) on Disney Hotstar, Vijay Sethupati and Tapasi Pannu’s multilingual film ‘Annabel Sethupati’, Amy Virk-Sonam Bajwa’s hit Punjabi film ‘Puada’ on G5 and Parambrata Chatterjee, Riddhi Sen starrer Bengali film ‘Samantral’ is coming.

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Raunak is slowly returning to the theaters, these films can make a lot of money at the box office!
Audiences are enjoying content in many languages
Pratiksha Rao, Director, Films and Licensing, Netflix India, says, “This is a very exciting time, when content in any language can be successful anywhere. Audiences on Netflix are enjoying content in many languages ​​like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam. ‘Jagame Thandiram’ (Tamil), ‘Nayattu’ (Malayalam), ‘Andhagaram’ (Tamil), ‘The Discipline’ (Marathi), ‘Anthalji Navras’ (Tamil), ‘Pitta Kathalu’ (Telugu), ‘Pava Kadhaigal’ Regional films like (Tamil), ‘Cinema Bandi’ (Telugu), ‘Mandela’ (Tamil) were very popular not only in India but also in many other countries. We are seeing tremendous love around the world for regional films on our platform. For example, in the first week, more than 40 per cent of the viewers of Mani Ratnam and Jayendra Panchpakesan’s ‘Anthology Navras’ were from outside India. Dhanush starrer ‘Jagame Thandiram’ also got as many viewers in India in the first week as in foreign countries. The film was dubbed in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese. Netflix’s top 10 segment shows what people at home and abroad are liking to watch. Navras was in the top ten in 10 countries including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, while ‘Jagame Thandiram’ was in the top 10 in 12 countries including Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Bangladesh. As such, we are expanding and expanding our list of regional cinemas in the years to come. ‘ Last year, Allu Arjun’s films like ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramullu’ (Telugu), ‘Kannum Kannum Kolayadithal’ (Tamil), ‘Kappella’ (Malayalam), ‘Miss India’ (Telugu) were also much liked on this site.

50% of the audience is from outside their home state
Meanwhile, a spokesperson of Amazon Prime Video explains, ‘Our regional language films like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada have broken all the records of viewership. The important thing is that 50 per cent of the audience of these films come from outside their home state. Recently released South Indian films like ‘Narappa’ (Telugu), ‘Sarpatta Parambarai’ (Tamil) and ‘Malik’ (Malayalam) on our platform were seen in more than 3200 cities of the country and more than 150 foreign countries. Marathi film Photo Prem and Well Done Baby were also appreciated by the audience from all over the world. After the success of films like ‘Malik’, ‘Drishyam’, ‘Sorarai’, ‘Pottaru’, ‘Kuruthi’, ‘Sarpatta Parambarai’, ‘Narappa’, we are continuously bringing good regional films.

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Viewers now see good content, not language
According to a spokesperson for Amazon Prime Video, viewers now prefer good content, not language. He says, ‘Today’s audience wants to see unique and experimental content, for which they are ready to come out of the comfort of their language. Viewers no longer see the bond of language for good stories. If the story is powerful, different and original, then the audience likes it, no matter the language or region. One of the major reasons behind this change is that earlier South Indian or regional films had very limited releases outside their home market, while OTT has brought them to the worldwide audience. Of course, OTT has bridged the gap between language and region by providing content of different genres, different languages.

OTT erased, language gap
Actress Shweta Prasad Basu says that earlier regional films were not released in theaters of other states, then people could not get access to these films, but after the advent of OTT, audiences were watching cinema in every language, every region, every country. Is. On OTT especially these are brought with sub-titles of different languages, so these lines of language, region are blurred.

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