Recognize the retained suitcase scam and avoid being a victim of fraud | News

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Recognize the retained suitcase scam and avoid being a victim of fraud | News

The retained suitcase scam is a form of fraud used by criminals, who pretend to be a friend or relative living abroad, whose identity has previously been impersonated on social networks, reported the Association of Banks of Peru (Asbanc).

The scammer will strike up a conversation with his victim via Messenger or WhatsApp and he will tell you about the problems he has had with a supposed trip to our country. It will tell you, for example, that you missed the flight and that your bags arrived at the airport earlier; but they are on hold and you need someone to pick them up.

He will mention that there is a person who has offered to help him with the problem and will ask him to call him or if they can contact him to indicate the steps to follow and thus recover the luggage.

“When the victim manages to get in touch with the person who is supposed to solve the problem, this person will usually pose as an official of the airline in which his supposed friend, an airport worker, of a company of courier, Customs or Sunat and will ask you to pay a certain amount of money to retrieve the suitcases “, Asbanc specified.

He added that the victim will be asked to make a transfer or deposit in a bank account and that the suitcases will be sent to the address indicated as soon as the money is received; But it’s all a lie

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“That the desperation to help your friend or family member does not make you a victim of crime. If you get to receive a message or call of this type, the first thing you should do is contact the person who was impersonated by other means and corroborate the story, “warned the banking union.

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