Rebagliati Hospital celebrates 63 years serving more than 2 million insured | News

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Rebagliati Hospital celebrates 63 years serving more than 2 million insured | News

The Edgardo Rebagliati Martins National Hospital of EsSalud, considered the flagship of the Social Security, today celebrates 63 years of service to more than 2 million insured persons, today.

At the anniversary ceremony, the executive president of EsSalud, Mario Carhuapoma, reported that this year it has provided more than 180 thousand face-to-face consultations and 15 thousand surgeries, despite the covid-19 pandemic.

The official greeted the officials, care and administrative staff of the referred hospital for this new anniversary and highlighted the progress and contributions that throughout these years it has provided to Peruvian medicine.

Carhuapoma urged all workers to continue with that dedication and dedication to continue providing timely and quality health care to our policyholders.

“Health is a fundamental right and therefore it should not be politicized. All of us who are in EsSalud have the social commitment to provide a better service to our insured brothers, they expect a lot from us, ”he said.

The anniversary ceremony began with a Mass officiated by Father Luis Núñez del Prado, covid-19 patient zero in EsSalud, who overcame the disease after spending 37 days in the ICU. The priest thanked once again all the personnel who were in charge of his care and attention.

“I want to thank all the staff of this hospital because thanks to them I was born again. God bless you, ”expressed the very emotional priest who carries out his religious work in a parish in Villa María del Triunfo.

Balance of care

This year Rebagliati hospital resumed face-to-face consultations for children and adults, which are developed in compliance with all biosafety protocols because the health emergency due to the new coronavirus still continues.

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In addition, the teleconsultation service was strengthened, a modality used as a strategy since 2020, the year in which the health emergency began.

To date, more than 28 thousand face-to-face consultations have been provided to adult and pediatric patients with different types of cancer; more than 2,000 visits in physical medicine and rehabilitation, while in hematology and mental health there were 20,000 in total.

Likewise, more than 10,000 pregnant women were treated in obstetric emergencies, the pharmacy area dispensed more than 3 million medical prescriptions to pediatric, adult and hospitalized patients; More than 300 thousand teleconsultations and 14 thousand teleorientations were carried out in different specialties.

Covid-19 patients

Regarding the care of the covid-19, the professionals and technicians of the health of the Rebagliatti hospital they remained in the front line of struggle serving more than 10,000 adults and children with a positive diagnosis, of which more than 5,000 were hospitalized.

Another aspect to highlight is the implementation of isolation boxes, modern monitors, mechanical fans, an oxygen system with negative pressure in the Covid-19 Emergency area and the start-up of the exclusive molecular biology laboratory for the detection of the SARS virus. -CoV-2, accredited by the National Institute of Health.

Along the same lines, a new cryogenic medicinal oxygen tank with a capacity of 11 thousand gallons of medicinal oxygen was installed, to which was added a plant that generates the medicinal input in order to provide comprehensive care and timely treatment to covid-19 patients. and not covid-19.

Equipment and infrastructure

I also know acquired a unique high-end multislice tomograph in the country, with 256 rows of detectors that improves specialized care and performs a greater number of studies per hour, and with low radiation doses and accurate diagnoses that allow timely treatment for different diseases.

Last Tuesday the new area was inaugurated to carry out bone marrow transplants with unrelated donors, putting Peru at the forefront of the region and saving a million dollars per patient.

Also, remodeled the pediatric building, mainly the hospitalization and ICU environments, properly equipped and differentiated. The area of ​​rehabilitation of post-covid-19 adult patients and with other pathologies that need therapy for their integral recovery will be inaugurated soon.

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